FXI has launched the Hedge fund Valor Global FX

As previously published, FXI has collaborated with Valor et al., Et al. (Valor) to launch a hedge fund named Valor Global FX.

We can now announce that the hedge fund Valor Global FX has been launched.

The fund creates a market independent and secure management form within the FX market. The Fund intends to offer attractive absolute returns, with controlled downside, under all market conditions, by taking short-term positions in foreign exchange markets. The fund's annual return target is between 4 - 10%.

The fund's management is based on Valor's developed systematic mathematical-statistical strategy for entering and withdrawing long and short positions within the foreign exchange market. In recent years, the strategy has exceeded the fund's return targets.

FXI has the role of the fund's adviser, London-based Coppin Collings Ltd is the fund's investment manager and the fund is administered by Apex Fund Services (UK) Ltd. At the time of launch, Valor has added EUR 1 million and undertakes to deposit another 9 million euros within 12 months.

The parties intend to jointly market the fund to institutional investors with the aim of achieving a fund capital of at least EUR 100 million within 24 months. FXI receives 50 percent of revenue from the administration, which is expected to give an annual income of FXI of 10-15 MSEK when the targets have been met.

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FX International AB (publ) is a public limited company registered in Sweden and listed at AktieTorget stock market with ticker FXI. The company is registered as a financial institution at Swedish Financial Supervising Authority and offers financial advice to qualified clients.

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FX International AB (publ) is a public limited company registered at AktieTorget stock market with ticker FXI. The Company is registered as a financial institution at Finansinspektionen (Swedish Financial Supervising Authority). The company's business model focuses on algorithm-driven trading using artificial intelligence within the foreign exchange market. We carries out own asset trading, is Active advisors to fund companies, and management to qualified investors. The focus on management is to achieve risk-adjusted investment strategies that intend to achieve positive absolute returns through exposure in currency markets, with low or no correlation to actual business cycles.


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