Odette newsletter June 2020

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Dear friends and colleagues!

I hope you are all safe and well! 

Since mid-March, we have worked from home and digitalized all meetings and activities in the Odette community. However, projects, TG- and board meetings and other activities has continued with almost normal pace. Also, new ideas for projects, evaluation of new technologies and other interesting things has emerged and will be shortly presented. It’s still not safe to meet in person however, I have made a few visits to both OEM and suppliers the last two weeks and experience that people respect the guidelines to keep distance very well. We also had a combined NAF/TC meeting in Odette Sweden, mostly to keep in contact and plan as far as we can for autumn but also to inform on the ongoing activities and proposals in the pipeline.

As I mentioned in the previous newsletter, we investigated the OEM and supplier interest in starting a project on “Ramp-up Capacity Reporting” in the supply chain. There’s an interest in the group but we will have to postpone an application for the project until later this year, since it’s extremely difficult to reach relevant people at this time.

All current activities in Odette International are also either postponed or transformed to digital meetings indefinitely and until we are sure it’s safe to travel and meet. All projects and other activities are however proceeding but via digital means.

Please also note that the Odette Conference has been moved until May 27-28, 2021 and I will inform you all when registration is re-opened. Hope to see you in Prague then!

Best Regards,
Michael Bogren

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