OptiMobile AB (publ) licenses software from Teluu Ltd

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OptiMobile has signed an agreement with Teluu Ltd in the UK for usage of their portable and versatile SIP Stack, the
PJSIP software library.

Teluu provides a compact, full-featured framework for multimedia communications over the Internet, called PJSIP. The
PJSIP library, offers a robust VoIP communication library with good performance together with a low footprint.

The PJSIP library is cross-platform with support for many different hardware platforms that enables OptiMobile to create
products for multiple hardware platforms using the same code base. The stack is modular and offers possibilities to extend
and customise it to fit OptiMobile’s own products as well as and OptiMobile’s customer needs.

CEO Erik Nilsson comments:
”With the PJSIP stack and support from Teluu we will be able to reduce our development time and quicker address our
customers’ needs.”

For more information, please contact:
Erik Nilsson, CEO
Mobile: +46 709 460 100
E-mail: erik.nilsson@optimobile.se

OptiMobile operates in the field of telecommunication and currently offers various software-based solutions. The services combine traditional telephony with modern technology utilising the Internet and Wi-Fi-networks for various telephony services. Today, collaboration is taking place with a number of telecom operators in the Nordic region, as well as internationally. The head office is located in Stockholm. Read more about OptiMobile at www.optimobile.se.