Pangara partners with Bench to connect its Software Developers to demand on the Bench platform

Bench and Pangara recently announced a strategic partnership to give your business access to the top 5% of developers anywhere in the world, via an easy-to-use online platform.

Say goodbye to inefficient recruitment processes, excessive hiring costs and missed business opportunities. Bench in collaboration with Pangara now let you access handpicked software developers so that you can be more responsive to business opportunities.

“Delivering the best people to a business, when and where they need them, at the click of a button is what drives us at Bench. Our strong partnership with Pangara helps us achieve our goal of building a market network of people and partners accessible anywhere in the world.” said Sukhi Bhullar, CEO of Bench. 

The fast growing elite network of Pangara already has hundreds of skilled developers in virtually any programming language, platform, or framework. Pangara’s rigorous screening process is executed by a team of experts to ensure they identify the top 5% of developers across a plethora of categories. Not only do they strive to highlight individuals who are experts across a range of coding languages, but they also hand-select people who showcase motivation, the ability to solve problems, and provide clear and timely English communication.

Oscar Rydman, CEO of Pangara, comments on the partnership: “The compounding need for digital talent is staggering. Companies using the Bench platform will now easily be connected to candidates that can solve their technical needs. We are pushing for a more frictionless matching between talent and opportunity, and with partnerships like the one we are now starting with Sukhi and the Bench team this vision is realized. Not only will the partnership accelerate our growth, I must also point out that the Bench team represent the kind of people I enjoy working with: dedicated, intelligent and easy to work with.” 

We anticipate this Software Solutions Bench will grow alongside demand coming from clients, with both teams working together closely to deliver what you need, and when you need it.


About Pangara

Pangara is a leading provider of pre-qualified tech-talent. Founded in 2016 Pangara is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with offices in the Netherlands and Vietnam. 

Press Contact
Oscar Rydman
CEO I Pangara AB


About Bench

Bench is the market network of highly skilled people & partners for digital transformation projects. Founded in 2016, Bench is headquartered in Sydney, with presence in APAC and EMEA.  

Press Contact
Sukhi Bhullar
CEO I Bench Services