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  • Launch of Egoo Innovate at AACC - to promote faster and targeted implementation of critical biomarker assays into at-home testing

Launch of Egoo Innovate at AACC - to promote faster and targeted implementation of critical biomarker assays into at-home testing

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Join us at AACC (American Association for Clinical Chemistry) for the official launch of Egoo Innovate, offering Egoo as an open system for researchers to implement their biomarker assays and bring them into at-home or point-of-need surroundings.

We will demonstrate how researchers can use Egoo Innovate to promote faster and targeted implementation of critical biomarker assays into at-home testing. Research institutes, CROs, hospitals and pharma’s are invited to join us in our vision for “Empowering Better Being”.

The open system provides the opportunity of innovating and implementing proprietary biomarker assay projects on to the at-home diagnostic system. Now, researchers can join the quest to broaden access to easy at-home testing through Egoo Innovate by bringing their clinical research into the homes of people, and through at-home clinical trials.

With the launch of Egoo as an open system we hope to encourage the development of biomarker testing in new relevant environments as well as drive the trend of at-home hospitalization further and faster.

Encouraged by the interest in our technology, we truly believe that Egoo Innovate has the potential of being a game changer for a much faster implementation of at-home and point-of-need clinical-grade biomarker testing for clinical research studies. At the AACC, we will introduce and demonstrate the versatility of Egoo Innovate concept, solution and product features to different stakeholders as well as broaden our network”, says Thomas Warthoe, CEO of Qlife.

Present at AACC, July 23 -27, 2023, Anaheim, California:

  • CEO & Co-founder: Thomas Warthoe
  • Director R&D: Maiken Worsøe Rosenstierne
  • CFO: Kasper Boel Rousøe
  • Marketing Manager: Christopher Lee Dahm

Egoo Innovate

Egoo Innovate is bringing our vision to life by making clinical-grade biomarker testing easy and accessible for at-home self-testing.

The aim is to give researchers the tools to easier recruit patients and decrease cost on logistics, while freeing up time for analysis of data.

Egoo Innovate is structured into 3 phases, each phase is quoted according to the need and requirements of the researcher:

  1. Development and implementation of biomarker assays to the system using ILab app on desktop.
  2. Transfer from ILab to smartphone app and small-scale verification study
  3. Scale-up full Egoo Innovate setup for validation and utilizing the biomarkers in patients home during studies.

The complete offering is an integrated platform, consisting of a small diagnostic instrument, disposable open capsules and the supplementing lab app, smartphone app and software - a system that can be used for self-testing at-home and at point-of-need.

Egoo Health

The idea emerged 20 years ago, and ever since, the concept has been tried and tested. And the design has been optimized over and over again.

The result is Egoo System. Invented and produced in Scandinavia and made up by the Egoo Instrument, Egoo Smartphone Connect App and Egoo Capsules. It’s our vision that those components will assist on the path towards a healthier life by allowing access to critical biomarker testing at-home, in-clinics and at point-of-need.

The Egoo System is the size of a coffee mug, doesn’t take up much space, and fits into the shelves of any home. Every specific biomarker capsule test for 1-2 biomarkers and the range of capsules available will only continue to grow. The system is flexible and customizable for different purposes and needs - be that everyday checks for a chronic disease at-home or testing multiple patients during the day.

For more information please contact:

Thomas Warthoe, CEO
+45 21 63 35 34

Qlife is a medical device company born to challenge the status quo in healthcare. We work to shift the perspective and turn today's view on healthcare into tomorrow's focus on health- empowerment. We are on a quest to empower people with more accessible ways to understand their health - so that they can move beyond reactive care towards proactive wellbeing. It's how we contribute to improving quality of life for every individual and for the greater society.

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