Rottne E-cabin – an Innovative Masterpiece

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Don't let the familiar appearance fool you. That's where any possible similarities end. The new E-Cabin from Rottne is a testament to innovative engineering, where an outstanding cabin has become even better!

At first glance, everything may seem unchanged, but the E-Cabin has undergone extensive improvements. The result is groundbreaking, with a focus on enhanced ergonomics and functionality. Integrated screens on the control panels and additional buttons on the joysticks make the work environment more flexible and efficient. Beneath the panels lies a completely new control system that complies with all laws, standards, and regulations.
"We have devoted a lot of time to optimizing driver comfort, button placements, and functionality. All the buttons required to operate and work with the machine are now on the palettes, creating an optimal work environment for you as the driver," explains David Selstam from Rottne's development department.

The spacious and comfortable cabin features a modern design that combines form and function. The large windows and low-placed instrument panel provide a clear view of the surroundings and work area. The cabin is equipped with intelligently placed storage compartments and a food warmer. Moreover, it boasts a noise level quieter than that of cars.

The palettes were developed over a three-year period in collaboration between Rottne Industri's product development department and Umeå-based Hydraulkompaniet, which was at the time developing an entirely new control panel and seeking a potential customer.
"Every aspect of the development focuses on the drivers' needs. We have paid attention to the suspension in the controls, regulated the pressure required to activate the buttons, and upgraded the silicone mats. These improvements significantly enhance comfort," says Niklas Anens, CEO of Hydraulkompaniet.

With the introduction of crane assistance, Rottne Crane Assistance (RCA), and an upgraded version of the Comfort Line cabin suspension, Rottne is setting a new standard for its forwarders. Whether it's the compact Rottne F10E or the powerful Rottne F20E, the cabin remains the same. This simplifies matters for both the drivers and Rottne's service department.
"We have implemented several updates to improve the overall work environment with the cabin," says David Selstam.
"These include an upgraded lighting system, a new air conditioning system, redesigned control buttons, new screens, and even a new steering wheel. To enhance the driving experience further, we have also installed powerful speakers."

When Rottne launched Comfort Line cabin suspension in 2007, the company was the first in the forestry machinery industry. Since then, Rottne has continuously improved the system with updated software. Just in time for the launch of the new E-Cabin, Rottne Comfort Line 3 was released.
"The driver is always the focus when we develop our machines, aiming to make driving a Rottne comfortable. With the E-Cabin, we have developed the cabin damping system, the ergonomics are fantastic, and we have installed crane tip control in all forwarders," says David Selstam.
"In summary, we have taken the market's best cabin comfort to the next level."

For more information, please contact:

Tobias Johansson, CEO, Rottne Industri AB
Tel. +46 470–75 87 47

David Selstam, Development Department, Rottne Industri AB

Niklas Anens, Owner, Hydraulkompaniet AB
Tel. +46 90–12 15 50

About Rottne Industri AB
Rottne Industri AB is a family-owned company and one of the leading manufacturers of forestry machinery. For 67 years, the Company has developed forestry machines for modern forestry. Rottne Industri AB offers a complete range of harvester and forwarder machines, for everything from thinning to final cutting. About half of the production is exported.





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