Sanolium AB interim report, July – September 2022

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Cambio constitutes the operating entities under Sanolium AB. All figures in () refer to the comparable figures from previous year. Full-year 2018 and 2019 until February 20th includes the relevant operating entities pro forma, as that is prior to the establishment of Sanolium AB.   In the report regarding Q3, 2021 there was a restatement of error. The amounts in the comparison columns are corrected numbers.

Revenue in the third quarter amounted to 199.1 MSEK, representing a growth of 4.0%.

Q3, July - September 2022

  • Revenue amounted to 199.1 (191.4) MSEK in the third quarter, representing a growth of 4.0%
  • Adjusted EBITDA amounted to 63.6 (74.8) MSEK, representing a decrease of -15.0%
  • Income before tax amounted to 4.1 (26.7) MSEK
  • Net income per share amounted to 0.03 SEK

January - September 2022

  • Revenue September YTD amounted to 623.9 (594.5) MSEK
  • Adjusted EBITDA amounted to 182.8 (195.5) MSEK
  • Income before tax amounted to 42.9 (50.6) MSEK
  • Net income per share amounted to 0.22 SEK

CEO’s Comments

The constantly growing and ageing population creates a need for increased productivity and efficiency in health and social care and in a world with limited resources this can be achieved by digitalization.

The growing gap between the available technologies and the technical solutions used by health and social care providers today can and will be bridged through Cambio’s solutions.

About third quarter

The health and social care sectors have been struggling with the ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic for almost three years. They are still weighed down by a high demand of care for Covid-19 patients but also the care debt that is the result of almost three years of pandemic. Now, more than ever, the need for improving efficiency, quality and patient safety through digitalization is great.

To meet demand and expectations we are working intensively with our transformation journey with our new strategic focus. We are starting to see results and efficiency improvements across the organization. One area where we see great progress is around quality improvements for existing customers.

During the quarter we have seen good progress within the municipal segment of our business and several wins connected to Cambio Viva that supports social care. This will further strengthen our position in the Swedish market as we are now delivering value through our broader product portfolio to over 110 Swedish municipalities.

In Q3, extensive preparatory implementation work towards some larger customers continued. During Q4, we are starting to deliver on these important engagements.

The process to acquire FRISQ operating entity continued during the quarter, with the intent to close the deal in Q4. This is a strategically important area to add to Cambio’s offering, enabling us to further extend our footprint in patient engagement and process support across our markets.

We are poised to continue to drive our transformation to reinforce Cambio’s position even further as the leader in the Nordic eHealth eco system, bringing value to our customers and enabling them to deliver tomorrow’s health and social care today.

For further information, please contact: 

Rami Avidan
+46 7 0 79 34 83

Sanolium AB, parent of the Cambio Group (“Cambio” or “the Company”) operating entities, is an e-health company providing comprehensive IT solutions to improve healthcare and patient safety. Cambio is one of the largest suppliers in Scandinavia and a growing player in the European market, with more than 170,000 users across regions and municipalities, general and university hospitals, health centers and specialist units. Cambio has offices in Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom and Sri Lanka.