Smart Eye och NXP levererar avancerad ”Driver Monitoring” och fordonssensorer på CES 2019

Pressmeddelandet nedan finns endast tillgängligt på engelska.

Smart Eye’s AI-powered driver monitoring eye tracking technology enables safety applications such as drowsiness and inattention detection coupled with in-car Face ID for unparalleled safety and reliability. Utilizing advanced IR-based cameras, the system is inherently spoof-resistant.  These advanced features take advantage of the performance and scalability of the i.MX 8 and 8X families of automotive qualified applications processors, working seamlessly with the advanced SafeAssure® capabilities of the i.MX 8 family, enabling customers to deploy advanced Driver Monitoring capabilities across a wide range of vehicle types.

 “Smart Eye and NXP has a long history of excellent collaboration and at CES we are proud to showcase the next generation of platform-independent eye tracking software for the automotive industry. The next generation of AI-powered driver monitoring technology and interior sensing is here and not going away” says Smart Eye CEO Martin Krantz.

Smart Eye’s Driver monitoring and interior-vehicle sensing technologies form a key part of the i.MX 8 and 8X Driver Experience Domain showcases at CES.  The showcase is anchored on NXP’s highest performance i.MX 8 family processor, the i.MX 8QuadMax, as part of a future-concept automotive dashboard which includes Virtualized Linux and Android running 3D-enabled Cluster, Infotainment and Vehicle Control systems, NXP’s car audio solutions and integrated Amazon Alexa voice control. The Dashboard integrates three never before seen automotive grade LCDs with variable geometry, showcasing what the future of Automotive Driver Experience’s will look like.

“i.MX 8 and 8X families are scalable automotive platforms which can run a variety of Interior-Vehicle sensing technologies. With Smart Eye's Driver Monitoring technology, users will experience optimal safety critical applications integrated with full, multi-screen and voice enabled eCockpit experiences,” said Ron Martino, Vice President, i.MX Applications Processor Product Line at NXP.

The demo with Smart Eye and NXP will be found at the Central Plaza 18 during the CES 2019 event. Contact Smart Eye’s CES team here for more information:

For more information

Martin Krantz, CEO Smart Eye AB
Phone: +46 70-329 26 98

About Smart Eye 

Bridging the gap between man and machine since 1999. Smart Eye develops artificial intelligence (AI) powered eye tracking technology that understands, assists and predicts human intentions and actions. By studying a person’s eye, face and head movements, our technology can draw conclusions about an individual’s alertness, attention, focus and gain insights into a person’s awareness and mental status.

Today, our eye tracking technology is embedded in the next generation of vehicles, helping the automotive industry take another step towards safer and more eco-friendly transportation. Our research instruments offer unparalleled performance in complex, real-world situations, paving the way for new insights in aerospace, aviation, psychology, neuroscience, medical and clinical research.

Smart Eye is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden and has offices in Michigan, USA, Tokyo, Japan and Chongqing, China, as well as having partners, resellers and distributors in Europe, USA and APAC. Its solutions are used by more than 700 clients all over the world by leading research groups, brands and labs such as US Air Force, Nasa, BMW, Lockheed Martin, Audi, Boeing, Volvo, GM, and many more.

Smart Eye is listed on First North. Erik Penser is Certified Adviser and can be reached at +46-8-463 8000.
This information was published on January 9 2019 at 8:30 am (CEST).


Om oss

Sedan 1999 har Smart Eye utvecklat AI i form av eyetrackingteknik som förstår, stödjer och förutser en individs intentioner och handlingar. Genom att noggrant studera en persons öga, ansikte och huvudrörelser kan vår teknik dra slutsatser om individens medvetenhet och mentala status. Idag finns vår eyetracking i nästa generations bilar och hjälper bilindustrin ta ett viktigt kliv mot säkrare och mer miljövänliga transportlösningar. Smart Eyes lösningar för forskningsindustrin ger nya möjligheter i komplicerade och verkliga situationer och leder vägen mot nya insikter inom rymd- och flygplansindustrin, psykologi, neurovetenskap, medicin och teknisk research. Smart Eyes huvudkontor är beläget i Göteborg, men kontor finns även i USA, Japan och Kina. Utöver det har man även partners, återförsäljare och distributörer på flera platser i Europa, USA och APAC. Smart Eyes lösningar används över hela världen av mer än 700 partners och kunder; ledande forskningsgrupper, varumärken och laboratorier så som US Air Force, NASA, BMW, Lockheed Martin, Audi, Boeing, Volvo, GM för att nämna några.


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