Market Notice 147/21 - Listing of Norwegian securities

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Norwegian test securities are now available in test system. The first day of trading of Norwegian securities is September 1st, 2021. Securities are traded in Norwegian krona (NOK) and settled through Verdipapirsentralen ASA (Norway). 

The introduction of Norwegian securities on Spotlight is communicated through NGM Forum Elasticia Participants, If you require access to this forum please contact: NGM Support +46 8 566 390 60,

The test systems (TEST#1 and TEST#2) have been updated with new Segment IDs, SPNO and NEXTNO. 

Test instruments are now added in the TEST#2 system with test-instruments: 

Test system  TEST#2  TEST#2 
ISIN  XC0111421035  XC0111421043 
Symbol  TestSPNO  TestNextNO 
Parent Segment  SP  SP 
Segment  SPNO  NEXTNO 
Instrument type  Equity  Equity 
Issued volume  1000000  2000000 
Trading Currency  NOK  NOK 
Long Name  Test SP NO Equity  Test NEXT NO Equity 

Stockholm June 18, 2021 

08-511 68 000


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