Market Notice 216/19 – Information regarding Scandion Oncology’s subscription option

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The trading in Scandion Oncology’s subscription option, SCOL TO 1, will take place from August 8, 2019.

One (1) subscription options, SCOL TO 1, entitles the owner to subscribe for one (1) new share to a price of SEK 5.20.  

Please see the company’s webpage for the full terms of the subscription option. 

Information about the subscription option:  
Short name: SCOL TO 1 
ISIN-code: DK0061144078 
Orderbook-ID: 5EKY 
FISN: Scandion Onc./- 
First day of trading: August 8, 2019 
Market segment: SPSE 
MIC Code: XSAT  
Tick size:
A (Other instruments) 

Stockholm August 6, 2019

Spotlight Stock Market
08-511 68 000 


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