Market Notice 279/19  - New CFI code for subscription options

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CFI code for the subscription options below will be amended from RMXXXX to RSSXXR, as of October 30, 2019.

ISIN-code Short Name Order book ID
SE0012816387 ABI TO 1 59Q1
SE0011870427 APTA TO 4 4UQB
SE0010713834 BRAIN TO 1 447C
SE0011762418 BRAIN TO 2 4M7M
SE0012481372 BRAIN TO 3 5459
SE0010714576 CARE TO1 454A
SE0011985001 FXI TO1 57JE
SE0011973544 HYCO TO 2 4YXQ
SE0010869784 INSP TO1 47L0
SE0011725605 NEOD TO 1 4SG4
SE0010662965 PARA TO2 453X
SE0011452523 PARA TO3 4J0J
SE0011642354 PARA TO4 4JYB
SE0011896794 PARA TO5 4SA0
SE0011973932 PARA TO6 4XYD
SE0011985092 QUICK TO 2 4YKJ
SE0012351518 SMOL TO 2 562C
SE0012481612 VSD TO 2 59TE
SE0011641950 ZICC TO 1 4NGA

Stockholm October 29, 2019

Spotlight Stock Market
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