Nustay A/S approved for listing on Spotlight

Nustay is a Danish company within the hotel booking market that offers its customers a new booking concept. Nustay has a vision of becoming the best and most disruptively innovative hotel booking platform in the world. The Company’s innovative and advanced hotel booking platform has been under development since 2014 and is today online, active and has proven its ability to handle customers all over the globe.

Nustay is an Online Travel Agency (“OTA”) that delivers personalised hotel deals for each registered user depending on the preferences of the user and the type of stay. Nustay differs itself from its competitors – current OTA market actors such as and – by combining the best aspects of existing online booking – a large hotel inventory, a great booking experience and lower prices than its competitors.

According to the Board of Directors, an important difference between Nustay and current OTA market actors, is Nustay’s ability to combine low prices from the Business-to-Business model (for instance large tour operators that bundle the hotel rooms together with airline tickets), with the Business-to-Consumer model which offers a large range of hotel choices and on-demand booking abilities directly to consumers. The company refers to this as its hybrid business model.

This business model is possible due to Nustay’s specialised IT platform, its partnerships with leading B2B hotel suppliers and its partnership agreements with current market-leading B2C hotel suppliers such as Expedia, Priceline and Agoda. The result of this is that in a majority of cases, booking a hotel room through Nustay is cheaper than on competing OTA’s, according to an analysis conducted by the Company. Furthermore, a central aspect of Nustay’s business model is that customers pay for their hotel rooms when the booking is completed. The Company then does not pay the B2B hotel suppliers until up to 30 days after the guest has checked out. This enables Nustay to have a continuous strong cash flow which finances the Company’s increasing growth and also reduces the Company’s needs for external financing.

We have a unique position as a new player in the hotel OTA market with a radically different approach that puts the customers’ personal preferences and low prices first. With this approach, we believe that we can attract a large number of customers and take a sizable part of the market for online hotel bookings in the future says Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, CEO of Nustay A/S.

As a condition for the approval, at least 65 percent of the issue shall be subscribed. Also, Spotlight’s ownership spread requirements must be met.

The Prospectus will be available at from the beginning of the subscription period.

The offer in summary:

Subscription price in the new share issue: DKK 7,20 per share

Subscription period: 14th of February to 5th of March 2019

New share issue volume: 2 962 777 shares, up to 21 331 994,40 DKK

Valuation: The company is approximately valued pre-money to 110 MDKK

Expected first day of trading: March 22nd under the ticker name NUSTAY

For more information, please contact:

Emelie Jarnesten

Head of Sales / Listings, Spotlight Stock Market

+46 8 511 68 023


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