SAV Winery has joined Go Public

SAV Winery is the sixth company to join Go Public and the first within the consumer defensive sector.

We are happy to announce that SAV Winery previously joined Spotlights premarket segment - Go Public, a segment for companies that intend to list on Spotlight within 18 months. During the program, the company will be given valuable knowledge and experience to prepare for the end goal of becoming listed. At the same time, the company gets access to our visibility package to help them reach existing and future shareholders. Go Public is an important part of Spotlights offering where we can support companies on their way to the next step on their growth journey.

SAV Winery’s business is to develop, manufacture and sell alcoholic beverages. In late 2019, the company launched their first organic sparkling wine made from birch sap, SAV 1785 Pétillant Naturel. The comapany is based in Stockholm and has its production in Östersund.

“It´s great to see that our Go Public product countinues to attract companies. We are also experiencing a higher interest in general for listings at Spotlight. This will hopefully give our Go Public companies a positive indication of what type of market they will enter in the near future.” comments Emelie Jarnesten, Head of Business Operations at Spotlight.

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