Spotlight highlights Stenocare & Smoltek for their awards at IPO-guiden

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Spotlight wants to highlight our companies that won prizes in the IPO Guide awards.

Smoltek won the category Best Share Price Development in the Microcap segment and Stenocare won the category of Best Quality out of  all companies in Microcap. 

“It is always fun when companies get recognition for their good work by a serious player like the IPO guide. It is a genuine stamp of quality. Extra nice is it when a Danish company wins the award for Best Quality, as it shows that Spotlight is an important contribution to the Danish IPO Market for growth companies.” Katrine Hoff, Head of Danish Market, Spotlight.

We were very honoured to receive the award. It is an acknowlegement of Stenocare’s work but also of Spotlight and the Danish list, that launched in 2018. Quality is important to us and our industry.” Says Thomas Skovlund Schnegelsberg, CEO Stenocare.

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Jenny Sondal, CMO Spotlight
+46 70 7749303

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