Bestseller utökar budget med 2,5 MSEK

Touchtech tecknade avtal med Bestseller den 28 maj 2019 avseende utveckling av den nya produkten Touchtech Showroom. För att finansiera utvecklingen har Bestseller betalat ca 5 MSEK fram till och med december 2019. Touchtech har nu fått utökad budget med ca 2,5 MSEK som gäller utveckling av Touchtech Showroom version 2.0 som ska gälla från januari till april 2020. 

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Deniz Chaban, VD

Om Touchtech

At Touchtech, we have a mission: to solve retail’s challenges with products that delight and inspire. As the company behind the market leading and ground-breaking Endless-Aisle software products — Vendo, Showroom and Lima — we enable retailers around the world to digitalize their retail work-flows using interactive solutions. From car dealerships to retail stores, pop-up concepts to B2B-showrooms, our products are extending what's possible when integrating online with offline, delivering on the promise to increase sales, profitability and enrich customer experience in physical spaces.


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