Golfing while staying in quarantine in Thailand now the reality

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The Thai cabinet approved recently golf quarantine to boost tourism in Thailand. Allowing golf quarantine is essential to let those who wish to pass their quarantine time on the golf course. Rules and regulations for safety are in place. Thus, this is the significant step for Thailand to open the country for international tourists who do not wish to stay in a single room or area for several days. 


The 6 golf courses have now been certified by the health department as alternative state quarantines for Thailand. The 15 days (14 nights)* quarantine time remains. Golfers will have to stay at the golf resort and cannot leave. They can only go out to play golf. The golf courses will be closed for the public and serve as state alternative quarantine only.

  • Mida Golf Club (Kanchanaburi)

  • Sawang Golf Club (Cha-am)
  • Blue Star Golf Course (Kanchanaburi)
  • Evergreen Hills Golf Club & Resort (Kanchanaburi)
  • Artitaya Chiang Mai Golf Resort (near Chiang Mai)
  • Artitaya Country Club (Nakorn Nayok)

What is golf quarantine?

  • a 15-days or 14 nights* quarantine in a certified golf course.

  • A quick PCR-test will be  conducted on the arrival day. The result will come out within 24 hours. If the test shows a negative result, the golfer can play golf on the next day.  If the result is positive, the infectious golfer must be transferred to the contracted hospital and all members of the group must be under surveillance quarantine. The golfers will be tested about 3 times during the quarantine period.
  • Enjoy up to 14 golf rounds (18 holes / round) during the quarantine period.

Is it safe?

The Ministry of Public Health in Thailand will examine the golf course’s health safety management plan and will do an on site inspection to check the entire system before giving out the certification. The transfer from the airport to the golf course must be in a closed system, meaning no stopping on the way to the golf course. In addition, the driver must pass Covid-free testing and the bus is sanitized. The golf course must have a contracted hospital to provide PCR tests for the golfers and their companions as well as to take care of the infected cases. All staff at the golf course must stay in the golf course. They are not allowed contacting outsiders nor going out of the golf resort. They will be quarantined as well as the golfers. 

Thus all the measurements and steps taken are to ensure the safety and well-being of international golfers who would like to enjoy their golf games in Thailand.  

Travel without visas

Thailand has allowed foreigners to enter the country by air under the Visa Exemption program. Travellers can travel without obtaining a visa and can stay up to 45 days. The travellers need a certificate to show they are free of Covid-19 72 hours before travel. They must obtain a Certificate of Entry (COE), provide health insurance covering covid-19 and undergo the mandatory quarantine. 

Check the Royal Thai Embassy or consulate in your home country for updates on the visas and Certificate of Entry (COE) process. 

As of today (2020-01-20), In the Nordic countries, only Finland and Iceland are allowed to enter the kingdom. The list of countries that can travel to Thailand will be updated twice a month. 

The Royal Thai Embassy in Sweden

The Royal Thai Embassy in Denmark

The Royal Thai Embassy in Norway

The Royal Thai Embassy in Finland

After the quarantine period, golfers can enjoy playing golf anywhere in Thailand. It is easier to book tee time and enjoy the golf games and beautiful nature while there are fewer tourists in Thailand. 


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*The arrival day counts as day 0. 


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