WACKER and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Establish an Innovation Platform for Sustainable Construction

Munich, July 15, 2020 – The Munich-based WACKER Group is supporting a project by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) to build up an innovation platform for sustainable construction. The two partners today unveiled an agreement to this effect. The project being funded, known as “ChangeLab! WACKER / KIT Innovation Platform for Pioneering Sustainable Construction”, is aimed both at the institute’s students and at  architects, engineers and construction experts seeking to learn about and discuss new ideas and conceptual approaches in the field of materials development and in construction methods for a circular economy. Public lectures, symposia and ideas competitions are planned. All activities on the platform will be posted publicly on the website, which goes live today. WACKER is also providing funding for a
digital overhaul of the department’s materials library. The project is scheduled to last three years.

För mer information se bifogad pressrelease.

Företaget i överblick: WACKER är en globalt verksam kemikoncern med cirka 14.700 anställda och en årsomsättning på cirka 4,93 miljarder € (2019). WACKER har 24 produktionsanläggningar, 23 technical competence centers och 51 försäljningskontor över hela världen.



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