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Vi har bytt pressroom - Wrapp is The New Standard for rewarding purchases and customer loyalty. The end to an era of irrelevant advertising and outdated memberships. Wrapp connects to our users’ payment cards, and analyzes transactions to learn their buying behavior. That means brands can reach only people who are actually interested in what they sell, and offer deals their customers actually want. And by sticking to cashback returns, we make sure they get rewards they actually find useful. Simply put, we put purchasing power in the hands of consumers, and meaningful marketing in the hands of brands. Wrapp is an app and a privately held company. The app can be found on App Store and Google Play, and the company's headquarters can be found in Stockholm, Sweden. Wrapp was founded in 2011 by Hjalmar Winbladh and Aage Reerslev. Their mission was to improve relationships between brands and their customers. And it still is today.


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