Dutch and Czech defense forces order Sectra's eavesdrop-secure telephones

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New orders from two NATO countries: Dutch and Czech defense forces order Sectra's eavesdrop-secure telephones The Dutch and Czech defense forces have submitted orders for Sectra's eavesdrop-secure GSM telephones from Kongsberg Defence Communications AS. The two orders are for the NATO telephone, designated NSK 200, which is based on the Sectra Tiger® platform. "Demand for eavesdrop-secure mobile communications within NATO is considerable and orders are now streaming in," says Torunn Øvreås, Vice President of Kongsberg Defence Communications AS. "We enjoy a unique position in the market, since the NSK 200 is the only GSM telephone approved for communications up to 'NATO Secret' level." Kongsberg Defence Communications AS is Sectra's partner in the sale of the NSK 200 to NATO countries. "Our collaboration with Kongsberg has resulted in an increasingly strong international customer base for our telephones and we have obtained a larger base of users, which in itself creates opportunities for new orders," explains Tommy Waszkiewicz, President of Sectra Communications AB. Sectra and Kongsberg will exhibit the NSK 200 at the TechNet Europe defense fair in Budapest, in Hungary, on October 17-18, 2002. NSK 200 was developed by Sectra in close co-operation with the Norwegian Defense. The NSK 200 and all phones based on the Sectra Tiger® platform guarantee secure communications all the way from sender to recipient for voice and data transmission over public GSM networks. Encryption and GSM technology is integrated in a way that makes Tiger® the most secure platform for mobile communications on the market. Sectra's secure phones are now in use by the defense forces and government authorities in Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. For further information, please contact: Jan-Olof Brüer, President and CEO Sectra AB, +46 13 23 52 09, job@sectra.se Tommy Waszkiewicz, President Sectra Communications AB, +46 13 23 52 47, tw@sectra.se or Torunn Øvreås, Vice President Kongsberg Defence Communications AS, +47 66 84 24 00, torunn.oevreaas@kdefence.com Read more on: http://www.sectra.com and http://www.kdefence.com Sectra's operations Since the mid-1980s, Sectra has successfully conducted development and sales of high-technology IT and telecom products. Today, the business includes products in medical systems, secure communication systems and wireless information systems. Activities within eavesdrop-secure communication systems are carried out in the wholly-owned subsidiary Sectra Communications AB. Sectra AB is located in the Mjärdevi Science Park in Linköping and grew out of research conducted at the University of Linköping. Operations are carried out in six countries, with 250 employees. Sales in fiscal year 2001/02 amounted to SEK 426 M. Sectra has been listed on the O-List of the Stockholm Exchange since March 1999. Kongsberg Defence Communications´ operations Kongsberg Defence Communications AS has conducted high-technology development and sales of tactical communication systems and encryption systems to the defense forces and government authorities for decades. The company's products and systems are used in more than 30 countries worldwide. Kongsberg Defence Communications is located 20 kilometers outside Oslo, Norway. The company has 200 employees and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the largest defense group in Norway, Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace AS. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/10/07/20021007BIT00130/wkr0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/10/07/20021007BIT00130/wkr0002.pdf