At Sectra, we prioritize long-term earnings performance over short-term margin increases. The long-term perspective and close customer relationships have resulted in a solid performance throughout the years, and 2023/2024 is no exception. Among other achievements, we won several long-term, major customer contracts in both secure communications and medical IT.
Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
Sectra is in the middle of a major transition of the business model in its largest operating area, Imaging IT Solutions. We are moving from license sales to service sales, which means that revenue will be spread out over a longer period of time. In the short term, this will affect growth in both sales and profit. Despite this, the outcome for the year was good, driven largely by our success in the US and the UK and by major improvements in Secure Communications. All business areas are growing, with positive earnings.
Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and would like to express my appreciation to all of our customers, employees, partners and shareholders for the confidence and support you are giving Sectra. Together, we are creating value both for individual patients and for government officials as well as for society as a whole.
Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
An IT solution that efficiently allows healthcare providers to handle genomic sequencing marks a significant step forward for the adoption of personalized medicine. It will enable more patients to benefit from individually tailored treatments. Working to tailor a solution for genomic data that really fits the needs of a molecular pathology department underscores our commitment to advancing precision medicine, revolutionizing how we approach healthcare, particularly in cancer treatment. I look forward to further developing the product to ensure improved and continuous support for cancer diagnostics in the future.
Fredrik Lysholm, General Manager, Business Unit Genomics IT at Sectra.
NATO has been using Sectra’s solutions for secure communications for many years, and we have collaborated with the alliance for over 20 years. We are honored to continue being entrusted with securing their exchange of classified information. It is very important for our customers to uphold their digital sovereignty, and this order confirms that our Sectra Tiger solution meets the high assurance requirements that this task entails. We look forward to further developing this cooperation and continuing to support the organization with products that protect classified information, thereby enhancing efficient digital collaboration between NATO officials.
Jeroen de Muijnck, Managing Director of Sectra Communications BV.
Our goal is to streamline workflows while fostering seamless collaboration across different specialties. To achieve this, the first step is to acquire a stable and quick solution that enables an integrated environment for all specialties to gain a more streamlined diagnosis process. Moving from the current provider to a world class solution will be beneficial in terms of increased security and clinical standards, among other things. Moreover, the solution from Sectra supports our ambition and strategy as we will be able to easily expand the solution to include pathology, for example, which we are planning on including in the near future.
Diego Castresana-Díaz, CEO, Hospital Universidad del Norte.
Given the rigorous review and clearance process leading up to this point, I see the new FDA clearance as strong proof of the quality of our solution. It is also an enabler for pathology departments to benefit from the latest scanner technology as well as the standardization that is happening within digital pathology. We have already seen how our customers utilize digital pathology to improve patient care, especially in complex cases such as cancer, and I am proud to be part of that journey.
Elin Kindberg, Global Product Manager Pathology at Sectra.
Sectra has a strong track record of promoting and enabling open integrations and of pushing the development towards standardization within medical imaging IT. The recent FDA clearance including the clearance to utilize DICOM images for pathology diagnostics therefore makes me very proud. Due to the unique nature of the images used in digital pathology, proprietary formats have previously dominated. This FDA approval, including DICOM, shows that standardization is possible also within pathology. This is an important first step to a reality where healthcare providers can start reaping the benefits of a larger degree of freedom in choosing what hardware and software to combine, within pathology. This has the potential to increase workflow efficiency, facilitate the adoption of new technology and in the end—benefit patient care.
Dr. Torbjörn Kronander, CEO and President Sectra AB.
We have previously used what you might call a lite version of the Sectra PACS with the purpose of making clinical images a part of our training program. By transferring to the education portal, we look forward to greatly enhancing the learning experience for our radiographer students. For the faculty, this will facilitate the development of tailored learning materials, lessons, and assessments, while enabling the sharing of material and lessons among the four universities and their campuses.
Katrine Borg-Hansen, Head of Education, UCL.
A significant challenge facing the healthcare system today is the shortfall of radiographers available to conduct imaging exams, leading to substantial delays in diagnosis and patient care. Across many countries, attracting students to enroll in radiographer programs at universities is extremely difficult, and of the students who actually start, too many drop out before graduation. Therefore, making the education for radiographers more attractive is of huge importance. I am honored to receive the confidence and support of these four esteemed university colleges. This marks a significant step forward in enhancing educational standards and ultimately, patient care in Denmark
Johan Carlegrim, President of Sectra’s business unit Medical Education.
When choosing a vendor, we wanted one that could provide us with a stable and fast system. We also wanted one facilitating collaboration among our radiologists. That way we can streamline our radiology workflows and in turn shorten lead times for patients as well as reduce the ever increasing workload for radiologists.
Dr. Babak Panahi, Managing Senior Physician and Head of CT and CT Intervention, Universitätsmedizin Göttingen.
Radiologists are under a lot of pressure as they are challenged to handle more images and more complex cases with less resources. Having a solution designed to streamline radiology workflows, facilitating reading and reporting of images, is therefore paramount. I am happy and excited to support Universitätsmedizin Göttingen and Universitätsklinikum Tübingen on their journey towards efficient radiology diagnostics.
Guido Bötticher, Managing Director, Sectra DACH.
In selecting a vendor, our top priority was to find a robust solution with peak performance to enhance our workflow efficiency. We also needed to be proactive and choose a partner with security expertise and ongoing support to ensure a stable full featured system and reliable remote reading capability. Sectra’s cloud service surpassed all our requirements. This service will also enable us to explore additional technologies such as integrating AI-powered workflows and expanding into other enterprise imaging modalities in the future. We are excited to realize the positive impacts and advantages that this implementation will offer to our staff, patients, and community.
Dr. Saulius Valadka, Chief of Diagnostic Imaging at Halton Healthcare.
At Sectra, security is engrained in our roots and is an essential part of our enterprise imaging solutions. In fact, our company name is derived from ‘secure transmissions’ and reflects our commitment to upholding high security standards. I am thankful for the trust Halton Healthcare has in Sectra as we move towards a future-state for medical imaging in Canada with our service Sectra One Cloud. I look forward to embarking this cloud partnership with Halton and supporting them every step of the way.
Nader Soltani, President, Sectra Canada Inc.
As a first-of-type for public cloud in the NHS, we have proven this works. Being bleeding edge can be a challenge. But we have achieved a milestone in cloud adoption for NHS imaging. Feedback from radiologists has been nothing but positive. The system is highly reliable, secure, resilient and performs well, supporting our diagnostic teams with lots more functionality that is proving very popular with radiologists. This also has the potential to help us to adopt AI into the future.
Adham Nicola, PACS manager for Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.
Having imaging available in the public cloud will enable closer collaboration and better access to expertise, especially in areas where there are finite number of specialist radiologists. The team at Homerton Healthcare have not only made a significant achievement in demonstrating to the NHS what is possible in the cloud, but have completed a stage towards regional consolidation.
Niall Canavan, IT director at Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and chief information officer for North East London Health and Care Partnership
What has been achieved by pioneering imaging professionals in Homerton could very quickly become the norm in the NHS. I’m sure many trusts, integrated care systems and NHS imaging networks will look to the trust to learn how they can replicate success as they transition to public cloud. We will certainly be sharing knowledge from this deployment with other NHS customers, as public cloud adoption continues at pace with the potential to enhance how staff work and to save important time in technology adoption.
Jane Rendall, UK and Ireland managing director for Sectra
A sustainable future is about making our customers successful. I can’t repeat this enough. To succeed we must have satisfied customers, which in turn requires that we have satisfied employees and a corporate culture that encourages engagement and motivation. At Sectra, we are proud that our customers time and time again say how satisfied they are with our employees and our efforts to make a positive difference in society.
Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
All of our operating areas are growing. Secure Communications is continuing to make a more significant contribution to the Group’s profit than in the past and, for the first time, exceeded SEK 300 million in sales for the rolling 12-month period. We are also in an expansive phase in medical imaging IT, with major investments in delivery capacity in parallel with transitioning our business to service sales instead of product sales.
Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
The Group’s profitability for the nine-month period exceeded our target operating margin, even if variations between individual quarters still are significant. We will have to live with this for a while yet. The important things in the long term are that we continue to have satisfied customers and that we are continuing to grow. 
Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
Healthcare and data security are both areas that are expected to grow for a long time to come, and that are relatively unaffected by the economic climate. While our strategic investment in service sales is having a short-term negative impact on our financial outcome and growth, it will be beneficial in the long term. Not least because Sectra’s customers are satisfied and stay with us for a long time. With loyal customers and long-term relationships combined with a strong brand in growing areas, we have every reason to remain optimistic about the future.
Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
I am proud to be able to offer a solution that helps hospitals deal with both growing imaging volumes as well as cyberthreats. Our experience in assisting large health networks is key when helping customers on their cloud journey.
Isaac Zaworski, President of Sectra Inc.
Collaborating across sites and providing efficient radiology workflows are needed to cope with the increasing imaging volumes. This new customer is the 60th healthcare provider to use Sectra in the US Midwest and I’m pleased to be continuing our work in this area. With our local experience as well as our knowledge in providing multi-site solutions for large organizations we will help them on this journey in the best way possible.
Isaac Zaworski, President of Sectra Inc.
It makes me so proud and happy to extend our collaboration with the University of Saarland and to be able to enhance education for their radiographer students. Together with them we can ensure an enriched and valuable learning experience for the students regardless of location. Also, with our library of real cases, the students will be better prepared for the upcoming professional environments. This will enhance their capability to rapidly integrate and contribute to the clinical environment.
Johan Carlegrim, President of Sectra’s business unit Medical Education.
We are looking forward to continuing to support EU organizations in protecting their information exchange. This once again confirms that Sectra has been entrusted to provide high-assurance encryption systems for various EU organizations, member states, and similar multilateral organizations.
Magnus Skogberg, President of Sectra Communications. 
These awards showcase our excellent employees who continuously go above and beyond to meet customer needs. Over the past year, we have restructured our organization into teams to ensure consistent and knowledgeable guidance throughout the sales, implementation, and support phases of the customer journey. This, along with product offerings that reduce IT costs, increase security, and grow with our users’ enterprise imaging requirements, has solidified our success.
Marie Ekström Trägårdh, Executive Vice President Sectra AB and President Sectra Imaging IT Solutions.
At KLAS, we firmly believe that the voice of healthcare providers and payers is paramount. The Best in KLAS awards are based on extensive feedback and evaluations from healthcare professionals across the nation. Winning a Best in KLAS award, therefore, is not just about recognition; it shows the trust and confidence that healthcare providers place in the winning vendors. It also helps validate each vendor’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. We are proud to recognize 2024’s Best in KLAS award winners! Their unwavering dedication to improving patient outcomes is wonderfully inspiring.
Adam Gale, CEO of KLAS.
Being able to communicate securely, regardless of the prevailing circumstances, is crucial for maintaining a secure society. These new orders confirm that Sectra plays an important role in the Swedish civil and military defense’s ability to share classified information. I’m proud that we—together with Swedish authorities—are developing a new communication solution in the form of a desktop phone with a very high security level. The solution will make it possible for multiple people to participate in a secure call, thereby further contributing to efficient collaboration within and between Swedish authorities.
Magnus Skogberg, President of Sectra Communications.
Our most valuable asset is our customers’ confidence in our ability to deliver the best possible quality and in our employees’ expertise. We drive innovation through partnerships with customers and various players in the industry. These partnerships aren’t just about research and development, or integration with systems from other suppliers. They are also part of a journey to discover and implement ground-breaking solutions for medical diagnostic imaging and advanced cybersecurity. Our work improves healthcare and makes society more secure. Each step forward that we take together with our customers confirms that Sectra is more than a supplier—we’re seen as a partner, a trusted advisor, who always strives to help our customers.
Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
A long-term approach and long-term relationships lead to success. It is incredibly exciting to see all of our operating areas grow. Together, we reported our highest sales to date for a single quarter, and our operating profit exceeded previous second-quarter records. Overall, Sectra had a positive quarter and I look to the future with confidence. Healthcare and data security are both areas that are expected to grow for a long time to come, and that are relatively unaffected by the economy. Customer confidence is crucial in these areas, and Sectra has built up a strong brand in both areas over the course of several years, with happy customers and employees. While the transition to service sales is having a short-term negative impact on our financial outcome, it will be beneficial in the long term. Especially because we have low churn. Sectra’s customers continue to be satisfied and stay with us for a long time.
Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
Our new partnership with Sectra will provide Scotland’s NHS radiology teams with an enterprise imaging service that will support our professionals as they deliver efficient and effective diagnoses for patients. The service creates additional potential to support the direction set out in the new Scotland Radiology Model and opens up further possibilities around enhanced cross-site working.
Mary Morgan, Chief Executive, NHS National Services Scotland.
The potential for NHS Scotland from embracing a cloud-based enterprise imaging system is exciting. This will create new opportunities for innovation and for collaboration between Scotland’s NHS radiology teams. Scotland’s NHS boards are known around the world for delivering excellence in care, and I look forward to Sectra supporting their professionals in the years ahead.
Jane Rendall, UK and Ireland managing director for Sectra.
It is important to recognize that even though Sectra has considerable opportunities with new healthcare providers, 98% of our existing surveyed customers said Sectra was part of their long-term plans. This reinforces our belief that excellent products and happy customers will drive future business.
Isaac Zaworski, President of Sectra Inc.
This technology will enable THP to expedite the diagnosis and treatment of potentially fatal conditions where every minute counts for improved patient outcomes. We are proud to be the first Canadian adopter of this cutting-edge technology, which has the potential to reinvent how care is delivered within our walls and beyond. Using the Sectra Amplifier Service to deploy this tool, has significantly simplified the process in integrating AI into our workflow.
Dr. Ivan Diamond, Program Chief and Medical Director Diagnostic Imaging, Trillium Health Partners.
Over the last five years, AI has been a hot topic within healthcare, and we are seeing the early adopters; predominately in diagnostic imaging. It is encouraging to see Canadian hospitals embrace AI for both research and clinical use, leading to higher-quality patient care for our population. Sectra is committed to serve our customers on their journeys towards AI adoption.
Nader Soltani, President, Sectra Canada Inc.
We designed our AW Advanced Visualization family to be an open ecosystem and enable technology integrations — this one with Sectra is a great example. This potential integration aims to increase accessibility and functionality — not only to help clinicians save time and increase productivity, but also streamlining the cardiology care pathway by easing the transition between applications — or even workstations — and reducing total number of clicks.
Jan Makela, President & CEO, Imaging, GE HealthCare.
As radiology becomes increasingly specialized, the demand on radiologists intensifies and many more are experiencing burnout. Combating these challenges and addressing the shortage in radiology is our top priority as a diagnostic software company, simplifying daily tasks and ensuring instant access to crucial tools.
Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra.
Radiologists today face increasing workloads and the risk of burnout. While we may be unable to decrease the number of imaging studies or increase the number of radiologists, our technology can enhance workflow efficiency and improve work-life balance. We recognize a need for enhanced productivity, regardless of reading location. We aim to address this and other important topics through discussions and live demos at this year’s RSNA, with the goal of relieving some of radiologists’ burdens.
Marie Ekström Trägårdh, President of Sectra Imaging IT Solutions.
Sectra's innovative merging of conventional radiology imaging with digital pathology has significantly impacted healthcare institutions aiming for comprehensive diagnostic insights. Michigan medicine’s adoption of Sectra's digital pathology solution symbolizes the success of our ongoing partnership. It highlights the positive influence of an enterprise imaging strategy in providing the highest quality of patient care.
Isaac Zaworski, President of Sectra Inc.
We required a single system that could help solve our infrastructure limitations and provide fast access to medical images and data so our staff can make informed decisions faster. Sectra supports the technology and operations of the platform so our team can focus on delivering high-quality patient care in the region. As we are now live, we have the possibility to innovate and collaborate more extensively with other care partners in the future. That will allow us to serve our patients in shared communities even better. We are deeply grateful to Howard & Joan Robinson & Family, The Armishaw/McCann Family, and Sharron and Jeff Watson for their generous donations. Their support has been significant in bringing this project to life.
Gavin Webb, Vice President, Finance & Chief Information Officer at Guelph General Hospital.
Deploying Sectra One Cloud at Guelph General Hospital has set the stage for future cloud deliveries across the nation, and it marks a new era of enterprise imaging. Our team looks forward to supporting Guelph General Hospital in their digital transformation as they continue to grow.
Nader Soltani, President, Sectra Canada Inc.
We are thrilled to collaborate with Sectra in utilizing their education portal in our medical simulation training across our campuses. Our mission is to improve patient care and reduce clinical risks through the use of simulation in the training, and Sectra's technology will allow us to study real-life clinical images. This greatly compliments the simulation experience making our students even more prepared for the professional environments to come. Moreover, the possibility to log in from multiple devices gives us the opportunity to use the solution at different campuses simultaneously.
Francesca Boccafoschi, professor at SIMNOVA.
Simulation training is an excellent tool in preparing the students for real-life situations. With the portal’s visualization tools and library of real clinical cases, combined with SIMNOVA’s simulation environments, the students will be able to educate themselves and safely practice through real-life scenarios. We look forward to contributing to these students’ education by offering solutions that facilitate advanced learning, in turn paving the way for improved patient care in the future.
Johan Carlegrim, President of Sectra’s business unit Medical Education.
We are looking forward to implement Sectra’s digital pathology solution. It will definitely enhance diagnostic capabilities, efficiency, collaboration and research potential. Digitizing pathology will allow us to take advantage of our network’s capacities, as well as improve our reporting time and by doing so we will provide diagnosis faster and in a more efficient way.
Dr Orly Weinstein, Deputy Director General, Head of Hospital Division, Clalit Health Services.
The first quarter was characterized by significant trust shown by customers in both secure communication and medical imaging IT. We are experiencing a turnaround in secure communication, with high demand and deliveries. We also passed important milestones in the transition to cloud-based solutions for medical diagnostic imaging. These successes demonstrate the value we provide for our customers and that our long-term initiatives in research and development are paying off.
Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB.
All operating areas are showing strong sales growth, which is a result of our desire to have satisfied customers and to offer the latest technology in our areas. I am pleased to report that in the most recent quarter, it was Secure Communications that displayed the strongest improvement. The operating area has achieved a turnaround after a few tough years and the future now looks bright. 
Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB.
Sectra’s success is the result of a long-term approach—both to research and development and when it comes to establishing good relationships with satisfied customers who then expand their use of Sectra’s solutions and recommend us to others. The major procurement we secured in the US during the quarter is an excellent example of this. Our relationship began when we developed a solution for ophthalmology imaging that the customer has been using for the past few years. Now that they plan to replace their old system for radiology, they have decided to continue building on a solution and supplier with whom they are satisfied and expand their system to include our services for medical diagnostic imaging, Sectra One Cloud.
Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB.
Health systems are under tremendous pressure to maintain patient excellence while balancing growing financial and staffing concerns. Regardless of size or infrastructure challenges, Sectra is focused on driving down the costs and complexity of traditional on-premise solutions with highly scalable, high-performance enterprise imaging solutions as a service. We are thrilled for the opportunity to help this health leader execute a long-term multi-departmental imaging strategy as they focus on growing quality and sustainability in their health system.
Isaac Zaworski, the President of Sectra, Inc.
It will support us in shaping the digital future of our hospital as it allows us to easily expand to other medical specialties and departments. The solution will also streamline our radiologists’ workflow, provide them with user-friendly tools and enable them to collaborate more effectively to ultimately deliver better patient care. The proven high quality and good service were other important aspects when we chose Sectra. Our mission is to provide high-quality medical treatments and customer care, provided by motivated staff. The digitalization of healthcare is important for the future; therefore, we are excited about partnering with Sectra and the implementation of their enterprise imaging solution at our hospital.
Dr. Jasper Sluimer, Radiologist and Chief Medical Information Officer at Amstelland Hospital.
Partnering with Amstelland and providing them with Sectra One makes me proud. Our subscription model offers them the flexibility to scale their imaging solution, ensuring that they can continue to provide high-quality care to their patients while adapting to the changing healthcare landscape.
Peter Osinga, Managing Director, Sectra Benelux and DACH.