Sectra introduces Visualization Table for medical education in China

The medical imaging IT company Sectra (STO: SECT B) has signed a partnership agreement with the Chinese company Tellyes Scientific to sell and distribute the Sectra Visualization Table in China.

“Sectra Visualization Table is used in medical education in more than 15 countries and has proven to add great value. The fact that we will now enter a market with 3,000 university hospitals together with a strong company like Tellyes is an important step forward,” says Lars Wettergren, Vice President Global Partner Sales at Sectras business operation Imaging IT Solutions. 

Interacting with virtual bodies at the early stage of medical training provides better understanding of the body’s anatomy and functions and the variation between individuals as well as improved knowledge of more unusual illnesses. Combined, these features significantly enhance the quality of medical training programs.

Widespread modernization of healthcare is under way in China. To date, Tellyes Scientific, a medical-simulation manufacturing and distribution business, has helped 3,000 medical schools and 60,000 hospitals in this process. The Tianjin-based company, which was established in 1998, also has five sales offices (Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai and Xi’an) with a total of more than 500 employees.

“With the Sectra Visualization Table, we will provide a unique offering to top medical education centers and Class-A hospitals across China,” says Mr. Xiaofei Liu, founder and president of Tellyes Scientific. “We have been looking for this type of solution to complement our medical education products and Sectra Visualization Table has proven to be superior since it provides support from basic anatomical education all the way to a high-end research platform.”

About the Sectra Visualization Table

The Sectra Visualization Table is a large, multi-touch medical display with software that facilitates interaction with 3D images of the human body created by modern computer tomography or magnetic resonance cameras. Students are able to intuitively zoom in, rotate or cut into the visualized body without using a scalpel or destroying the subject. This means that the same image can be used repeatedly, and the students are able to study the impact of various illnesses on the anatomy in a manner that was not possible in teaching in the past. A unique function of the visualization table is that each university can download and create its own teaching files from its own clinical practices as well as using the preloaded collection of demonstration cases that comes with the table.

Sectra Visualization Table is used by universities and training hospitals in more than 15 countries throughout Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. It has been developed in cooperation with Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), Visualization Center C, The Interactive Institute and Linköping University, Sweden.

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