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  • Digital solutions with potential to transform service within the rail industry

Digital solutions with potential to transform service within the rail industry

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With the digital transformation of the rail industry, follows an increased demand for up-to-date service and maintenance information. By making sure service technicians get appropriate training and have access to the latest technical documentation, the cost of downtime can be reduced. Semcon is aiming to grow its business within rail as the demand for new service solutions is rapidly increasing.

“At Semcon we see great potential for growth by providing digital documentation and training solutions for the rail industry. Today, we are one of the leading suppliers of product information to a multitude of industries, where rail is one where we have the ambition to expand substantially over the coming years”, says Johan Ekener, Business Area President at Semcon.

The digital transformation is fundamentally changing train operation, infrastructure and central processes of the rail industry, and the service and maintenance area is no exception. For example, big data and advanced analytic solutions open up for more condition-based and predictive maintenance.  

Long experience in rail
“At the end of the day, it is people who make sure that our railway is lifetime cost efficient and safe. Of course, our customers need to invest in the latest tools, new solutions, efficient processes, etc. to achieve optimized serviceability. However, this is also a very good reason to invest in people’s skills and competencies. The alternative is costly, with a reduced availability of trains as a consequence”, says Johan Ekener.

Semcon has long experience of delivering product information solutions within the rail industry. Through the acquisition of German-based product information company HAAS-Publikationen in 2018, the offering towards the rail industry was strengthened with more than 35 years of experience of working with leading suppliers in the industry, such as Bombardier, Stadler and Knorr-Bremse. With this experience, comes also a deep knowledge of the specific requirements of different target groups within the rail sector.

Product information for the digital railway
In our digital age, there are great possibilities for product information solutions that bring value. For example, Semcon experts can provide a completely managed content system that allows TOCs (Train Operating Company) to have up-to-date specific information at the touch of a screen.

“Most of our employees develop and produce digital product information on a daily basis, as digitalisation is the single most powerful trend within the area of aftermarket information. We bring best practices from our work within other industries, for example Telecom and Automotive, and customize it to the specific requirements of the rail industry”, says Johan Ekener.

With almost 800 employees working within the business area Product Information, Semcon provides expertise within areas like ontologies, technical writing and graphics & illustrations, as well as solutions within digital distribution and consumption, including virtual & augmented reality.


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