This new license agreement with a highly respected American CRO is a significant step to provide GARD to a broader market and is crucial for meeting the US customers´ demand with local service providers. We are confident that GARD will play a prominent role in the ongoing process to reduce the use of animals in chemical testing. Our test is the best performing in vitro method, outperforming available animal methods
Anki Malmborg Hager, SenzaGen’s CEO
We are looking forward to providing our customers access to the GARDtests – a robust animal free test with high accuracy that has potential to become a widely used method for characterizing allergy provoking properties of chemical substances. Our experiences from participating in the successful validation trial show that that the test is both reliable and easy to perform.
Gary Burleson, CEO of Burleson Research Technologies.
Gunilla has a solid scientific background, many years' experience in managing complex research and development projects and an excellent understanding of the customer needs that we strive to satisfy. I look forward to her contribution towards the development of new products based on our unique technology platform GARD.
Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO, SenzaGen
This new license agreement with such a major and strong partner provides an important stepping stone in the global marketing of GARD and it is also a hallmark of the high quality and relevance of GARD. We are very pleased to sign this important deal, in particular since Eurofins BPT Munich is a leading player in chemical safety testing, with a pronounced mission to contribute to global health and safety.
Anki Malmborg Hager, SenzaGen’s CEO
These excellent validation results underpin the potential for GARD testing to become a game changer in in vitro allergy testing. We have long been aware of its high performance, and the validation now also provided by independent laboratories is of course very satisfying. Importantly, the validation has highlighted the simplicity of assay transfers to other labs. This adds to the confidence of further laboratories around the world to set up our unique assay.
Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO of SenzaGen
The validation study provides convincing evidence that GARDskin works well even when the test method is used in external laboratories. The results reinforce the scientific basis for GARDskin in the process of obtaining regulatory approval and inclusion in international test guidelines. We are delighted with the outcome which shows that GARD consistently outperforms all existing validated test methods
Anki Malmborg Hager, SenzaGen's CEO
This affirmation from the European Patent Office of the merits of our technology is an important milestone in SenzaGen's strategic plan to establish our unique GARDskin™ test as a new global standard for the industry. Robust patent protection in Europe for GARDskin™ further strengthens our company's commercial potential and makes us even more attractive to international distribution partners.
Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO SenzaGen
We are delighted to have attracted such well-qualified and industrially experienced people to SenzaGen. The company's management now has an optimal composition for our work to establish GARD tests as the new global standard for evaluating the allergy-inducing properties of chemical substances.
SenzaGen CEO, Anki Malmborg Hager.
With this new global distribution agreement, we are linking up with yet another very strong partner for the global launch of GARDskin. Charles River is a leading player in many important geographical markets and in several different industries, and we are looking forward to working together in the commercialization of SenzaGen’s high performing, accurate allergy test.
Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO SenzaGen
The results of this scientific evaluation underline the fact that GARDpotency has the potential to revolutionize the testing of the chemicals we come into contact with in our daily lives. A significant advantage of GARDpotency is that it enables existing animal-based methods in regulatory testing to be replaced in line with the EU's REACH regulation.
Anki Malmborg Hager, SenzaGen CEO
By combining SenzaGen’s technological expertise and our experience with inhaled compounds, we aim to develop a novel method to investigate whether novel drug-like molecules induce similar genomic signatures as known respiratory irritants. That could ultimately be applied to steer away from a potential irritancy hazard and enable the discovery of safer drugs for patients'
Jorrit Hornberg, Director of Discovery Safety at AstraZeneca Gothenburg
This collaboration with AstraZeneca is a milestone for SenzaGen. It shows that leading pharmaceutical companies see the potential of next-generation testing and that this testing has considerable industrial value
Anki Malmborg Hager
We see great market potential for GARDpotency. It is already possible to determine if a chemical can cause allergies, but there is a significant additional need among both manufacturers and regulatory bodies to be able to quantify how strong the allergenic effect is. Until now no animal-free testing has been available and we are extremely proud to be the first to offer this to the chemicals industry
Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO SenzaGen
We will together with Bioglan gain a deeper understanding of the extraction process, and can thus develop our products and processes further. Our goal is that GARDskin will work even on end products, and that more companies will therefore take note of our technology and realize that there are safer and better tests than the ones which are still routinely used in many places today.
Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO of SenzaGen
- We offer a range of services to leading cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies and universities in Korea and with GARD we will expand and strengthen our offer. With the new legislation, we see that more and more of our customers will demand animal-free tests and with GARD, we get a safer and better test. It benefits us, our customers and all consumers.
Benjamin, ByungNyun Chun, CEO at WOOJUNG BSC
- This agreement is important for us, not only because we now see that our business model works, we also see that there is an increased interest in our technology and we get access to a new market with a well-established and highly competent and renowned partner. XCellR8 is one of the industry's foremost ambassadors of non-animal tests.
Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO of SenzaGen
- By working with GARD we take a step into the future. With the use of genomics based testing we are moving towards safer and better tests, and ultimately more reliable consumer products without the need for animal testing.
Dr Carol Treasure, CEO of XCellR8
The provisions to reduce animal testing under the reformed Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) will ensure an even bigger interest in the field and SenzaGen has a natural fit in this with its test being validated for the international market by OECD.
Brian Rogers, CEO of SenzaGen Inc.
We are very proud to participate. Now, our US subsidiary will have the opportunity to reach out to some of the most influential members of Congress, who really have a say in our industry. We see it as a confirmation of our US investment and our unique test method GARD.
Anki Malmborg-Hager, CEO of SenzaGen Sweden.
With the validation and verification of GARD as a robust test, we can now promote GARD on a broad front in our priority sectors.
Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO of SenzaGen.
With a successful Ring Trial we and our existing customers will have further confirmation of GARD's quality and efficiency, and it will open up new opportunities for us, not least from a regulatory perspective.
Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO of SenzaGen.
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