Take charge with 100 % renewable binders in your paints and lacquers

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Sherwin-Williams now offer paints and lacquers based on the Biomass Balance principle. By extracting natural gas from organic waste instead of crude oil, you decide how much renewable raw materials you want in your products. Choose any amount between 25 % and 100 %. Sherwin-Williams start off with its Waterborne- and 100 % Waterborne-UV product range. Products offer the same high quality, performance and product properties as before, but with the added benefit of less environmental impact and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The earth’s resources are running out and the ecological balance is threatened. If the world is to handle the pressure from today’s mass production, we must start using products manufactured from renewable materials. Environmental adaptability is an issue that requires limitless cooperation between manufacturers, retailers and consumers – both for our own sake and for the well-being of future generations.

“Adaptability is a constantly ongoing process where we work together with our suppliers towards an innovative and open environmental commitment in line with nature’s ecological terms. Our aim is to offer products, systems and technologies that combines cost efficiency and quality with a good overall environment”, Says Pär Ottosson Kalm, Product Manager at Sherwin-Williams.

Biomass Balance series comes with a bioenergy certification according to ISCC (International Sustainability Carbon Certification) and TÜV. These two independent parties guarantee continuous control of renewable raw material levels in our paints and lacquers.


  • Use with your existing coatings systems and production lines. No further adaptation is required.
  • High flexibility. Choose any amount between 25 % and 100 % of renewable raw materials in your binders. Increase gradually to 100 % renewable raw materials.
  • Independent environmental certification facilitates a more prominent environmental profile and guarantees high quality.
  • Same high quality, performance and product properties as before.
  • Contribute to a more sustainable production with reduced CO2 emissions in an easy way.