The HOLZ-HANDWERK is every two years a big feature in the ARTI calender. For the distribution channel “wood products” it’s the most important fair in Germany and it is one of the best visited – a large number of visitors followed our invitation to the HOLZ-HANDWERK 2018
Jörg Tokloth, Sales Manager Distribution at Sherwin-Williams Germnay
Sherwin-Williams has been supplying interior coating systems to Södra for 5-6 years with great results, so it was only natural to look into their exterior solutions as well. We were really impressed by their products as they provide our panels with efficient, long lasting protection with the added benefit of improved drying times and good stackability. Their products are also easier to handle compared to the ones offered by our previous supplier
Fredrik Gustavson, Head of Sales Scandinavia at Södra
We chose Sherwin-Williams for their technical expertise and high degree of service. We also have a similar mindset and there’s a genuine desire to move things forward together. They also have a thorough understanding of machine requirements within the industry and pay close attention to environmental aspects, which is a must for Södra
says Fredrik Gustavson.
The response was great this year, in spite of the demonetisation effects in India. About one hundred customers expressed a desire to work with us, provided that we satisfy their technical and commercial needs. Especially large furniture exporters were glad to see us at Delhi Wood, as they expect us to increase our presence here in India and rely on us to offer new innovative products
says Rajendra Saxena – Country Head, Product Finishes Division
Graham Buchan, MD West Region for Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes Division.
“We are grateful to the BCF for this award which is a fantastic recognition of the work we all do at Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes to ensure we all have a safe place to work and that we do everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment
Powdura OneCure is a two-coat system based on an innovative powder formula that co-reacts and cross-links, without the need to gel or cure the primer. Only a single curing process is needed after application, which makes the system truly unique as it eliminates an entire step from the finishing operation. This results in both time- and energy savings and reduces the cost of the coating process
says Dave Wright, Senior Director Marketing & Business Development, EMEA
Powdura OneCure allows for more efficient production while offering enhanced edge coverage and great corrosion resistance. Since the technology has been designed to provide higher performance, it’s an ideal choice for demanding finishing projects that require uncompromising results, such as heavy equipment applications
says Dave Wright, Senior Director Marketing & Business Development, EMEA
Powdura OneCure has been very well received so far, and interest in the powder-for-wood is growing. Another aim is to offer OEM customers within the electronics and heavy equipment segments a complete global service, while becoming a bespoke supplier of high technology powders to regional finishing shops and tier suppliers. We believe our new powder plant will make this possible
Thomas Bergdahl, President and General Manager, EMEA
Customers can now have one supplier responsible for matching colour and performance for both their liquid and powder coated surfaces. Sherwin-Williams has powder plants in the US, Canada, Mexico, China, and now Poland, which means that global customers can get local supply and technical support with consistent quality, colour, gloss and performance around the globe
Thomas Bergdahl, President and General Manager, EMEA
We´ve been working towards a solution like this since we first introduced LED curing in 2012. However, there was always a problem with unwanted yellowing effects due to difficulties with the topcoat. For a while, it seemed that a combination of LED and UV lamps was the only way to go, but we pushed forward and the R&D division finally came up with the right formula to make it work. It´s now possible to use LED lamps in every step of the curing process, eliminating the need for conventional UV lamps altogether. This will allow for a much more effective production
Martin Andersson, Product Manager at Sherwin-Williams
Our participation at the LIGNA exhibition this year really reinforced our belief that the market is ready; LED was everywhere. Since it´s so trending and we’re already in discussions with several major clients on implementing LED technology, it´s only logical that we take this last step to facilitate a 100% LED curing line. Since we conducted this as an internal project without any client involvement, we now have to test Full Curing LED together with our machine suppliers and present it to our current LED customers. We´re very excited about this
Martin Andersson
As a coating solutions partner, we have to solve our clients everyday finishing challenges. One such challenge has been the request for a tougher and more efficient high gloss finish to protect delicate surfaces. Consequently, we decided to develop a new range of UV coatings that would reduce scratching to a minimum. Now – after six months of non-stop work – we can present a flexible and enhanced high gloss coating system with improvements on several levels
Martin Andersson, Product Manager at Sherwin-Williams.
With this new combination of added benefits and features, Sherwin-Williams has taken a big step in industrial high gloss finishes. Manufacturers of flat panel furniture will not only gain a beautiful and durable end result, but also a system that handles well and will facilitate a faster production capacity – with up to 1 million sqm per shift and year
Martin Andersson, Product Manager at Sherwin-Williams.
When it comes to new trends it seems that LED is everywhere this year, and there are more robots – both for handling and coating. Two years ago LED was still quit new but this year we can see several customers replacing UV-curing technology with LED
Lars Sandqvist, Senior Engineering Manager at Sherwin-Williams
LIGNA is a good indicator of where the industry is heading. For example, all
of our major customers are now asking for tailor-made products, which shows that coatings can no longer be standard.
Lars Sandqvist, Senior Engineering Manager at Sherwin-Williams
We initiated a dialogue with Sherwin-Williams about a year and a half ago. The evaluation process took some time, but even after the first round of testing it became clear that their products showed clear advantages compared to our previous solution. In terms of product benefits, we we’re mainly drawn to the coating’s adhesive capabilities, their water resistance, and the quality of the finishes. All of these factors where important to us, although it must be said that the improved finish was more or less a bonus, but naturally, it contributed to our satisfaction. The coatings flow great, are easy to apply and also dries very fast
Jörgen Mikkelsen, Process Expert Surface Treatment, Sandvik SRP
As a future-oriented company, Sandvik required a supplier that understood their needs and were willing to keep developing more qualitative and environmentally adapted products for them. In fact, a new collaboration is already underway as we’re now developing a new customized coating that will improve Sandvik’s production even further
Lars Sandqvist, Technical Projects Manager, Sherwin-Williams
During the R&D process we focused on developing a solution that could deliver the highest quality finish with the fastest production time. That’s why we turned to our experience from the curing industry and in particular the UV drying process
Andreas Ehn, Product Manager Exterior, at Sherwin-Williams
Our solutions are renowned in the coating industry for their hard wearing characteristics and high quality finish, with Laqvin Fast Dry UV we’ve now brought this technology to the cladding coating industry and opened up new opportunities for cladding producers
Andreas Ehn, Product Manager Exterior, at Sherwin-Williams
This is the first award received by Sherwin-Williams in Europe and a testament to our ability to develop solid relationships with our key clients. It also shows that our efforts to maintain great delivery performance and great product quality haven’t got unnoticed. Another thing that JELD-WEN appreciated was our clear organizational structure, which makes it easy for them to get in touch with the right people in any given situation. They also favor our commitment to keep working towards a solution in those cases where we don’t have an immediate answer beforehand
Klaus Mikkelsen, Key Account Manager, Sherwin-Williams Denmark
The keyword here is teamwork. Everyone has been working together to meet the standards that JELD-WEN has come to associate with us
Klaus Mikkelsen, Key Account Manager, Sherwin-Williams Denmark
LED curing means that the guys on the line have a more stable process to work with. They don’t have to keep checking the efficiency of the lamps which is more efficient and the working environment is better there is no ozone and its cooler in the summer.
BJS Production Director Kaj Johansson
We have worked with Becker Acroma [now a brand of Sherwin-Williams] for more than 20 years, and they have helped us improve a number of processes and we were immediately interested when they announced LED curing.
BJS Production Director Kaj Johansson
LED lamps do not produce high heat or harmful ozone. With this lower temperature technology, it is possible to finish pine and other resinous wood species without high reject rates.
Dave Wright, Sherwin-Williams
Manufacturers utilizing LED curing technology on their line can expect the same high level finish realized with UV curing but with a number of additional cost-saving benefits. LED technology generates about 40% in energy savings.
Dave Wright, Sherwin-Williams
Our engineers can help anyone with the design or redesign of a production line, from project planning and testing all the way to start-up and beyond.
Dave Wright, Sherwin-Williams
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