Accelerated sales growth in October

Accelerated sales growth in October Skandia's sales for the period January through October 2000 amounted to SEK 169.7 billion (105.0). Sales of unit linked assurance increased to SEK 119.8 billion (73.3), and sales of mutual fund savings products to SEK 47.0 billion (27.9). Sales in October amounted to SEK 15.6 billion (10.0), compared with SEK 14.0 billion in September. To maintain comparability with previous periods, deposits of SEK 0.4 billion in Skandia's and Carlson's PPM funds (the new Swedish pension system) have not been included in sales for October. In the USA, sales rose during the period to USD 11.0 billion (7.9), broken down into variable annuities, SEK 7.4 billion (5.5), and mutual funds, USD 3.6 billion (2.4). Sales rose in the UK to GBP 3.4 billion (1.6), and in Sweden to SEK 8.9 billion (4.7). Sales of unit linked assurance and mutual fund savings products in new markets amounted to SEK 12.2 billion (9.5). Sales through October, converted at average exchange rates, were positively affected by exchange rate movements in the amount of SEK 9.8 billion. Sales figures for the month of November will be presented on 11 December 2000. For further information, please contact: Ulf Spång, Executive Vice President and CFO, tel. +46-8-788 2905 Harry Vos, Head of Investor Relations, tel. +46-8-788 3643 Appendix: Sales per month in 1999 and 2000 Sales per month 2000 1999 (SEK billion) January 16.8 7.1 February 18.7 8.6 March 24.0 11.6 April 18.6 12.0 May 17.4 11.4 June 15.6 11.7 July 14.2 11.5 August 14.8 11.0 September 14.0 10.1 October 15.6 10.0 November 12.5 December 16.4 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: