Skandia's Nominating Committee

Skandia's Nominating Committee Skandia's 2003 Annual General Meeting resolved that Skandia's Nominating Committee shall consist of six members, as follows: One representative for each of the four-largest shareholders (owner-groups), one representative for the small and medium-sized shareholders of Skandia, to be appointed by the Skandia Shareholders' Association or equivalent, and one representative for the policyholders of Skandia Liv, to be appointed by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The representatives of the largest owners shall be appointed based on the ownership conditions of Skandia at the time the third-quarter interim report is released. The other members shall also be appointed at the same time. The following persons have now been appointed for inclusion on the Nominating Committee ahead of the 2004 Annual General Meeting: · Björn Wahlroos (Sampo), chairman · Carl-Olof By (Industrivärden) · Bo Eklöf (Robur) · Ramsey Brufer (Alecta) · Per Löfqvist (Skandia Shareholders' Association) · Lars Öberg (Skandia Liv's policyholders) Bengt Braun is a co-opted member of the committee. According to the AGM's decision, the Nominating Committee's mandate is to draft and present recommendations for: · the appointment of a person to serve as chairman of the Annual General Meeting · directors' fees · the number of directors · election of directors · auditors' fees · election of auditors ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: