Smartoptics takes leading role in sustainable optical networking

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Oslo, Norway – October 25, 2022 – Smartoptics, a leading provider of optical networking solutions, today presents how its latest solutions are leading the green transition and optimizing energy costs in optical networking. These will support both enterprises and service providers in achieving increased efficiency and meeting sustainability targets.

In an environment of increasing electricity prices and greater environmental awareness, optimizing power consumption and improving energy efficiency are priorities for both the enterprise DCI (Data Center Interconnect) segment and operators of regional and metro networks. In response, Smartoptics has recently launched a series of new solutions designed for both increased openness and increased sustainability.

“We have always championed open solutions, and now we are approaching an exciting period with greater possibilities to build open networks ahead. One of the main drivers for IP-over-DWDM using a disaggregated network philosophy and finding interoperable network elements is to improve cost efficiency. Today we pride ourselves on combining increased openness with optimized power consumption, a perfect combination aligned with market demand,” says Magnus Grenfeldt, CEO Smartoptics.

One of the ways Smartoptics optimizes power consumption is by deploying WDM optics hosted in routers, also known as IP-over-DWDM. Compared to a traditional transponder-based system, this can cut power consumption in the DWDM layer by over 80%.

“The potential Capex benefits of IP-over-DWDM get all the attention, but its reduction in operational costs could prove even more meaningful. The elimination of transponder hardware results in a more space and power efficient architecture, which is increasingly valuable as energy prices rise. Smartoptics has embraced the shift to open, disaggregated networks based on router-hosted coherent optics and is well-positioned to help optical network operators capture these benefits,” says Kyle Hollasch, Lead Analyst for Transport Hardware at leading market research firm Cignal AI

Smartoptics product families are designed with a focus on cost efficiency, optimized energy consumption and market relevance. “Careful choices in the areas of network deployment models, system architecture, chip and component selection determine our market attractiveness. We are the challenger in the market, and as such these critical choices must be in our DNA”, says Kent Lidström, CTO Smartoptics.

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About Smartoptics
Smartoptics provides innovative optical networking solutions and devices for the new era of open networking. Our customer base includes thousands of enterprises, governments, cloud providers, Internet exchanges as well as cable and telecom operators. We have an open networking approach in everything we do which allows our customers to break unwanted vendor lock-in, remain flexible and minimize costs. Our solutions are used in metro and regional network applications that increasingly rely on data center services and specifications. Smartoptics is a Scandinavian company founded in 2006. We partner with leading technology and network solution providers such as Brocade, Cisco, HPE and Dell EMC and have a global reach through more than 100 business partners.

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