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    The Smartoptics solutions are as easy to deploy as promised with outstanding cost efficiency and performance
    Carlos Arguimbau, founder and CEO, IENTC Telecomunicaciones
    the DCP-404 proved to be an excellent investment. The reason is that it enables a smooth future transition to 400G at a very competitive price
    André Grüneberg, Managing Director, BCIX
    Cost efficiency, quality and reliability were key decision criteria for us. Smartoptics products were the best option we could find, meeting these criteria brilliantly
    Tom Rigg, COO, B4RN
    This solution is easily scalable, preparing us to meet further bandwidth surges in other parts of our network, which is crucial for supporting our continued rapid growth across the UK.
    Sam Defriez, Director of Networks, YouFibre.
    We look forward to additional deployments and continuing collaboration in the future
    Bambang Wibowo, CEO of Abhinawa
    I’m confident that this solution will serve us well for a long time to come, preparing us well for whatever new demands the future may hold.
    Mike Jones, Central Office Manager at Consolidated.
    We see the DCP-404 as a major step forward for us, further solidifying our role as a rapidly growing market challenger in easy-to-use, disaggregated DWDM networking.
    says Kent Lidström, CTO Smartoptics.
    Smartoptics solution was a perfect choice for us as it met these requirements in a small footprint with low power consumption
    Yannick Völker, Network Manager
    We feel confident that the solution will deliver the flexibility and affordability our customers need to fully leverage their hybrid cloud strategies today and tomorrow
    Jay Sudowski, Co-Founder & CEO of Handy Networks
    Smartoptics open line system gives us: a future-proof solution without vendor lock-in.
    Greger Björk, Business Area Manager Network & Infrastructure at IT Norrbotten
    Stability is a high priority in Basefarm’s services for both data center storage and interconnection. Our long-standing confidence in Smartoptics from previous projects in both Norway and Sweden along with an innovative and robust solution were the deciding factors in choosing a supplier for our new fiber network.
    Morten Nyhuus-Eriksen - Global Head of Storage and Backup at Basefarm
    Our previous experience of working with Smartoptics along with the future-proof solution they offer made us confident that this was the right choice. Smartoptics’ offering is highly competitive, but the company’s capability and commitment to deliver the equipment within the expected timeframe was an important factor as well
    Gaston Bohnenberger, Director of POST Technologies
    "We see a bright future for Smartoptics solutions in the edge networks of tomorrow where even lower latency will be critical to the adoption of groundbreaking technologies like autonomous driving,”
    Frank Basso, VP of Technical Operations at Vapor IO
    I am confident that Smartoptics’ scalable, cost effective DCP-M40 platform is a key component in the growth-strategy that will allow us continue to innovate new customer offerings in the future.
    Joe Freeman, Manager, Network Engineering at EPB
    Brocade Gen 7 switches with Smartoptics transceivers have been tested and qualified, enabling our mutual customers to deploy distance connectivity solutions with confidence.
    Martin Skage, Vice President, Brocade Storage Networking division, Broadcom
    With our DCP-R ROADMs Smartoptics takes yet another step in serving operators wanting to take advantage of disaggregated, open line systems in their optical infrastructure.
    Magnus Grenfeldt, Smartoptics CEO
    We turned to Smartoptics who had exactly what we were looking for – a leading-edge yet commercially viable option. Importantly, the new platform also offers a clear migration path to future technologies, including support for 400G networking, which is especially interesting to have in place as the need arises.
    Robert Williams, CTO at Custodian
    As the first Japanese operator who deployed an open networking approach in production, Mixi is very pleased to now introduce Smartoptics’ Open Line System in the network
    Tatsuma Murase, CTO of Mixi
    The Smartoptics open line solution is completely scalable, you can pay as you grow, making it a smart investment,
    Georg Chytil, CEO at next layer.
    Agility and reliability are in our DNA and part of our promise to our customers is to constantly improve our services. We expect the Smartoptics Open Line System to help us deliver on this promise. We now have a platform for developing and launching new services much faster than before.
    Mihail Vasilev, Marketing and Customer Engagement Manager at iNNOVO Cloud
    The attention to detail in Smartoptics’ new solution is fantastic. It’s the small, intuitive things that make the Smartoptics solution so easy to deploy and use. The plug and play features of the product really work as advertised and makes the implementation fully automated.
    Richard Petrie, CTO and Executive Director at LINX
    Our new 32G Fibre Channel transceivers can efficiently support customers when upgrading to higher capacity storage area networks.
    Per Burman, Director Strategic Partner Sales, Smartoptics
    There is no comparable alternative to the Smartoptics solution on the market today. It will set us up for 100G connectivity today and is also ready to support the 400ZR connectivity of the future.
    Jerome Evans, CEO, First Colo
    The H-Series, our new passive optical platform offers maximum flexibility and compactness at the lowest possible cost.
    Kent Lidström, CTO, Smartoptics
    With Smartoptics aboard our partner program, our customers can now easily acquire fully approved, state of the art DWDM equipment for datacenter interconnect and other infrastructure management needs.
    Mike Mitchell, Partner Manager Dell EMC
    Our new 100G DWDM PAM4 solution is an open line system with unprecedented features and ease of use, providing enterprises, governments and service providers with the easiest and most cost-efficient way to interconnect sites
    Magnus Grenfeldt, CEO, Smartoptics
    In winning this important network expansion project, Smartoptics demonstrates continued success in commercializing PAM4 technology, our unique, automated open line systemas new foundation for 100Gb/s Data Centre Interconnectivity.
    Magnus Grenfeldt, CEO, Smartoptics
    The Smartoptics DCP-M40 represents a step-change in the ability to deliver high-capacity networks over metro distances for our customers.
    Iain Ashley, CTO, IDS
    We are now able to easily scale service flexibility and capacity just by adding new transceivers to our switches. The line system automation handles everything else, no complex provision needed.
    Joe Wooller, Technical Manager, IX Australia
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