Record month for Swedish construction timber

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Swedish construction customers are buying timber products like never before. Södra’s sales of Swedish construction timber broke all records in May. Sales rose 5 percent compared with the corresponding period in 2017, up from already very high figures.

In May, Södra’s sales of Swedish construction timber reached new record-high levels. Sales have increased for the fourth consecutive year, and from already very high levels.

“This is a clear trend, and a very positive result. Timber is the construction material of the future, and the advantages are becoming more and more obvious. The recognition of timber construction as the sustainable and climate-smart alternative is affecting our purchasing behaviour,” said Fredrik Gustavson, Sales Director of Södra Wood Scandinavia.

Demand for timber and timber products is strong from both the building trade and the construction industry. This applies for products of both spruce, which are mainly used as structural timber, and pine, which are treated and used for decking and other outdoor applications.

“Both professional and DIY customers are requesting timber products. Private customers are mainly interested in using sustainable products for their home renovations and extensions, and these products are also aesthetically attractive,” said Fredrik Gustavson.

The cold and wet winter had a certain dampening effect on wood supplies, but also on demand, meaning that inventory levels are balanced. However, there are no major inventory surpluses, and there could be shortages during the summer if demand remains strong.

“I am not making any forecasts, but much seems to indicate that the high level of demand will continue. This is obviously very positive, and we are working hard to secure wood deliveries to our customers,” said Fredrik Gustavson.

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