Södra initiates OnceMore® investment – will tenfold production capacity

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A new investment in Södra’s pulp mill at Mörrum will achieve a tenfold increase in Södra’s production capacity, while also increasing the proportion of recycled textile in the pulp.

Södra’s OnceMore® initiative – the world’s first process for industrial-scale recycling of textile waste of blended fibers – will now be even bigger. Södra has decided to invest in new machinery at Södra’s pulp mill at Mörrum, which will be commissioned in the first half of 2022. The new investment will increase the production capacity of OnceMore® pulp tenfold, bringing it to a full 6,000 tonnes. The proportion of recycled textile in the pulp will also increase.

“The new investment in OnceMore® is a major step towards our long-term ambition of creating a circular textile industry. The initiative has been highly successful since the start in 2019 and is a key element of Södra’s innovation agenda. We think now is a good time to scale up production. Our investment will further improve textile recycling and maximise the value of the raw material from our members’ forests,” said Catrin Gustavsson, President of Södra Innovation Business Area.

Step on the journey towards 25,000 tonnes
The investment is the second step towards the target of processing 25,000 tonnes of textile waste, and offering OnceMore® pulp based on Södra’s forest raw material and 50 percent recycled fabrics. This target has been set for 2025.

OnceMore® makes it possible to convert large volumes of used cotton textiles and cotton-polyester blends into new clothing and textiles. The RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certified pulp is also attracting interest from the market. Södra has held several meetings with interested brands and recently signed a long-term collaborative agreement with the global textile giant Lenzing.

“OnceMore® has received a highly positive reception and the strong market demand is steadily growing. Södra delivers regular supplies of OnceMore® pulp to a number of textile manufacturers around the world. This new investment and our partnership with Lenzing will help us create world-class textile recycling and grow the business. OnceMore® has the potential to transform the textile industry,” said Johannes Bogren, Vice President, Södra Cell Bioproducts.

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