Södra signs collaborative agreement with Välinge Innovation for unique wood decking

Södra and Välinge Innovation have signed a collaborative agreement, whereby Södra will license Välinge Innovation’s exclusive patent-pending outdoor decking system – ZENSE™. The decking, which has a hidden fastener system, will be manufactured at Södra’s sawmill in Kisa and treated with 20-year wood rot protection according to Nordic wood preservation council (NTR) class AB.

ZENSE has a similar look and feel to indoor flooring. The decking is installed without any visible screws on the top, and no loose items can fall through the spaces between the boards. The decking has a breathable drainage function, and the boards can be turned over if needed, which reduces waste in both the timber yard and in installation.

“This is an innovative product, and first to market. Södra has both the technical and marketing capacity to be at the forefront of these new types of products, with modern production facilities and well-developed logistics solutions. The building trade has shown huge interest in ZENSE™ and we’ve already signed several agreements with the biggest chains,” said Fredrik Gustav, Sales and Marketing Director at Södra Wood Scandinavia.

Seeking partnerships that can help to keep the company at the forefront of new products and solutions is in line with Södra’s business model.

“Innovation is in demand. Välinge Innovation is an excellent example of a company that can contribute the right parts for us to further develop our portfolio and role as a supplier,” said Jörgen Lindquist, President of Södra Wood.

Välinge Innovation AB owns the ZENSE™ brand.

“We are proud to present a solution that is both more attractive and more convenient. You will now be able to walk barefoot without getting splinters in your feet, and never have to worry about losing anything. Södra has been a good partner, and demonstrated great expertise and enthusiasm throughout the project. And, of course, it’s been a bonus to launch a 100-percent Swedish solution that can change the market,” said Marcus Bergelin, Business Development Director at Välinge Innovation.

ZENSE™ is expected to be available from builders’ merchants by mid-March.

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The ZENSE™ brand for exclusive outdoor decking is owned by Välinge Innovation AB and any use will take place under licensing agreement. 


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