Another Recall of BMW 7-Series

A problem that could cause a parked vehicle to roll away has prompted BMW of North America to issue a product liability recall of approximately 45,500 luxury sedans (7-Series) from the 2005- 2008 model years.

A software glitch in the sedans with Comfort Access option and keyless ignition may cause the automatic transmission to switch from “park” to “neutral” when the driver presses the Stop/Start button for shutting off the engine.

Reuters reports that the problem occurs when the driver presses the Stop/Start button two or three times in succession, which may cause the system to shift to neutral, rather than park. This may causes the vehicle to roll as it is not in park mode, reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in its official recall notice.Owners of the recalled BMWs will be notified in November, although the dealers will not be able to correct the software until March.

This is the second recall of BMW’s 7-Series of the same model year: earlier the same vehicle was recalled for doors not being latched due to a software bug, reports Reuters.If you or someone you know has been harmed by an unsafe product, contact Sokolove Law for a free legal consultation and to find out if a product liability lawyer may be able to help you.


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