As part of Solteq’s adoption of a new strategy, the Asset & Service Business Management segment, which was incorporated in early 2015, will continue operations under a new name.  The aim of incorporation and the name change is to provide the company with prerequisites for growth and independent strategy development. The name of the company is MainIoT Software Oy, and it is Solteq’s fully owned subsidiary.

Solteq’s core business is the sale of partner solutions as well as services that meet the special requirements of its clients in wholesale, retail and logistics. The core business of MainIoT is the development and sale of products that enhance maintenance and services management.  MainIoT’s keys to success will be direct and close collaboration with the clients, operating methods that ensure agile market-driven product development, and partner sales support. “The business sector will now have improved opportunities to succeed, grow and provide services to its target client group”, says Solteq Plc’s CEO Repe Harmanen.

The name of the company tells our clients and stakeholder groups of our long history in maintenance (Main) ERP systems and our strong expertise in ERP system requirements related to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our client value proposition: ”Your Main Digital Services Partner” reflects our vision of being the number one choice of our clients and retail partners for a developer and provider of maintenance and services ERP systems.

Matti Saastamoinen, Division Director responsible for the MainIoT business: ”The main focuses of our strategy will be on making the future for our new and current maintenance and services business clients by using the opportunities offered by digitalization and the Internet of Things, as well as growth in the public sector, market-driven product development and productization, and internationalization.

Additional Information:

Repe Harmanen, CEO

Solteq PLC

Telephone + 358 40 046 7717


Matti Saastamoinen, Division Director

MainIoT Software Oy

Telephone + 358 40 844 4562



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MainIoT Software Oy – Your Main Digital Services Partner

MainIoT Software Oy is Solteq’s fully owned subsidiary. Its key business is services ERP software solutions. Solax, Artturi Neo, Arttu and PowerMaint are products developed by the company. These products help our clients manage their services efficiently in industry, energy production, real estate maintenance, services and lifecycle management, technical services of cities and municipalities, infrastructure and real estate management, instrument maintenance of hospitals, as well as home and care services. The company’s revenue is MEUR 5 and the number of personnel 40. The company has developed services management solutions since 1975. It has more than 400 clients in 20 countries. 

Solteq Plc is a provider of digital commerce technology services and expertise with focus on special solutions that support business operations. We work with our clients to manage the full supply chain from understanding the customer’s purchase path to procurement, and we offer our clients tools for creating better customer experiences.  Our solutions cover the entire supply chain, all the way to digital sales and marketing. Our technology independent solutions help our clients manage their business operations in an optimal manner. 

About Us

Solteq is a Nordic IT provider and software house that specialises in digital customer engagement. We offer total solutions for both business enhancement by means of digitalisation and for omnicommerce: from back end processes all the way to the customer’s purchasing experience and from supply chain management to digital marketing. Our 450 experts, who work in three countries, develop and implement solutions for clients in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. In 2016, Solteq’s net sales amounted to 63 million euro.