Meeting of the Supervisory Board 28th March 2017

A meeting of the Supervisory Board is hereby convened for Tuesday 28th March 2017 at 11 am at SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge, Tromsø.


item 1/2017    Annual financial statements for 2016

item 2/2017    Auditor's fees for 2016

item 3/2017    Purchase of or security interest in the bank's own equity certificates

item 4/2017    Statement on the fixing of salaries and other remuneration for executive personnel

item 5/2017    SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge’s society dividend

item 6/2017    Election of representatives

item 7/2017    Remuneration

item 8/2017    New financial institutions regulation - Amendments to the Articles of Association and instructions for the Supervisory Election Committee

For and on behalf of

SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge

Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen                                                   Jan-Frode Janson

Chairman of the Board                                                         CEO