SpareBank 1 SR-Bank announces new corporate structure and changes in the group management team

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From 1 October, changes will be made to the group management team and corporate structure of SpareBank 1 SR-Bank with the aim of getting even closer to customers.

The new corporate structure is intended to increase the focus on our main customer segments. That’s why we are moving from two to three customer divisions with comprehensive and clear responsibilities, as well as closer operational cooperation with the subsidiaries,” says Group CEO Benedicte Schilbred Fasmer of SpareBank 1 SR-Bank.

All of the changes are described in more detail below.

The new group management team will consist of:

  • Benedicte Schilbred Fasmer (Group CEO)
  • Inge Reinertsen (Economy, Accounting, Finance and Group Services – CFO)
  • Jan Friestad (Group Strategy and Projects)
  • Signe Helliesen (Compliance)
  • NEW (HR, Communications and Sustainability)
  • Frode Bø (Risk Management)
  • NEW (Retail Market, incl. Private Banking)
  • Marianne Bakke (SME, incl. Agriculture)
  • Tore Medhus (Large Corporates)
  • Glenn Sæther (Technology Development and Business Processes)
  • Ella Skjørestad (Marketing, Insight and Customer Offer)

Corporate Market, now SME and Large Corporates
We are strengthening our focus on the SME market by gathering SME, Agriculture (currently in Private Banking) and Monner in a new customer division. ForretningsPartner will also be closely linked to SME.

For larger customers that naturally require in-depth industry knowledge and a different type of service, our efforts and focus will be gathered in the Large Corporates division.

Retail Market
The retail market has seen good profitability and growth in recent years and its interaction with EiendomsMegler 1 is producing visible results. The CEO of EiendomsMegler 1 will join Retail Market’s management team. The current head of Retail Market, Jan Friestad, will remain in post until a new head takes over.

Corporate Strategy and Projects
The area will include strategic responsibility for the SpareBank 1 Alliance, as well as responsibility for projects that are run across the group and alliance, and not least contributing to insights and realising the group’s strategic goals.

Technology Development and Business Processes
Technology, data, security, development, and business support units are being gathered together in a single area called Technology Development and Business Processes to improve the coordination of technological development.

Marketing, Insight and Customer Offer
Data-driven insights, marketing and customer offerings are being brought together in a single area with responsibility for the group’s products and services.

The latter two divisions will serve all three customer divisions equally and share common goals with them. Customer follow-up and sales in digital and physical channels will be improved.

The following changes are being made in relation to corporate governance, quality assurance and compliance:

HR, Communications and Sustainability
Responsibility for Strategic HR, Communications and Sustainability for the group is being gathered together in a new division. The areas will be headed by Signe Helliesen and Thor-Christian Haugland until new heads are in post.

Economy, Accounting, Finance and Group Services is being expanded with the addition of Purchasing, Group legal and AML to this area. The AML officer, Nils Mikal Hegrestad, will continue to report directly to the Group CEO.

Compliance and Risk Management will remain as they are.

The aim of the changes it to put in place a stronger corporate structure that results in:

  • Clear shared goals
  • Clear responsibilities and interfaces
  • Interaction between the physical and digital on shared goals
  • A focus on digital transformation, where insights into how to use data more precisely are utilised
  • Interaction and closer cooperation between the bank and subsidiaries
  • HR becoming more strategic in order to develop both expertise and to be an attractive workplace
  • A continued solid local footprint and presence

For further information contact:

Benedicte Schilbred Fasmer, Group CEO, Tel. +47 950 60 034
Stian Helgøy, Vice President Investor Relations, Tel. +47 906 52 173
Thor-Christian Haugland, Executive Vice President Communications, Tel. +47 480 31 633


Stavanger, 17 June 2021