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Today is the first day of trading in Krona Public Real Estate AB who are active in the real estate industry. This is the tenth company managed by Pareto Business Management to be listed on Spotlight.

The company owns and manages a range of property holdings consisting of community properties and associated parking facilities. The properties are used for various purposes where everything from teaching rooms, libraries, cinemas, and offices are offered. The largest operations are found in the Nordic market, where customers mainly consist of government and public actors.

“It feels very exciting to list a community real estate company like Krona Public Real Estate with good conditions for creating value for shareholders for a long time to come. The company owns a fantastically fine property portfolio that combines several socially important functions in one place and we now look forward to a good and long-term collaboration with the University of Sørøst in Norway, Kongsberg Municipality, Viken County Municipality and other tenants ” - Oskar Wigsén, CEO, Krona Real Estate. 



The properties have six different tenants, of which the three largest are the state University of Sørøst, Norway, the municipal real estate company Kongsberg Kommunale Eiendom and Norway's largest county, Viken Fylkeskommune, which together represent 97% of the annual rental income. The average remaining contract length at the time of the acquisition was just over 14 years.

“Another company, managed by Pareto Business Management that has chosen to list on Spotlight. It shows that we have found a winning concept together and it further strengthens the real estate sector at Spotlight. Krona Real Estate, a warm welcome to us! ” - Emelie Jarnesten, Head of Business Operations, Spotlight.

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