Sproud first to launch plantbased vanilla drink based on Pea Protein

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 SPROUD Vanilla



Sproud is joining the global vanilla flavour trend and introducing Sproud Vanilla, a new flavor of plant-based milk made with pea protein. Perfect for smoothies or other treats, Sproud Vanilla is a healthy and climate-friendly option that is certified by Sugarwise to have a low sugar content.



There is a noticeable desire for plant-based drinks with a vanilla flavour on the international market. Sproud is now fulfilling this demand in UK by launching Sproud Vanilla, which is the first plant-based vanilla drink made from pea protein. This product can be used for a variety of purposes, from cooking to baking, smoothies, and drinks. It also contains a large amount of protein, double that of oat-based drinks, due to the pea protein. Additionally, Sproud is free from allergens such as lactose, nuts, gluten, and soy.


According to Sara Berger, CEO of Sproud, taste is very important when developing new flavors.

“We want to make it simple for customers to switch to a greener option, and that means the taste has to be amazing. We believe that the UK market is ready for Sproud Vanilla. It is created for people with a sweet tooth, but it is also a healthy and environmentally friendly substitute for coffee drinks, milkshakes, cereals or just as plain out of the carton.”


Sproud's plant-based drinks have the lowest climate impact of the category, something they are proud to showcase by giving their Sproud Vanilla a Carbon Cloud labeling on pack. With the help of this labeling, customers can see the exact climate impact of the product on the packaging and also access Carbon Cloud's climate database to view all the calculations that have been done. Sproud Vanilla has a climate impact of 0.35g CO2/kg in the UK, which is about 80% lower than cow's milk 3%.


Sara Berger, CEO of Sproud, comments: “For us, it is important to be transparent. We know that consumers are environmentally conscious and want to know what impact their purchases have on the climate. We are proudto be able to display a product-specific life cycle analysis based on our own primary data and we will label all of our products with Carbon Cloud in the future”



About Sproud

The Sproud brand was born in Malmö, Sweden, in 2018 and now employs 15 people in Sweden and the UK. Sproud has made its products widely available to UK customers through supermarkets and online retailers, including Waitrose, Ocado, and Amazon, in addition to various independent shops, cafés, and restaurants and through Sproud.uk




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