SSAB Annual Report 2021 among world top performers

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Comprend ReportWatch's Annual Report on Annual Reports 2022 rated SSAB's Annual Report 2021 second best in their global survey. SSAB's annual report was particularly commended for strategy and operations information, with a good balance between the market and strategy section and business segments. SSAB’s financial statements section is well designed and the appendices well structured.

Annual Report on Annual Reports is an independent, global annual survey of company annual reports. It globally evaluates the annual reports of approximately 500 listed companies with the aim of highlighting the best practices to inspire other companies. An external jury contributes their input to the rating. The evaluation examines the content and style of the annual report: general presentation, strategy, description of business operations, responsibility reporting and financial statements. The winner was the annual report of the Danish biotechnology company Novozymes.

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