The new wire and electrode products make our Duroxite® product range even more versatile for wear part manufacturers and industries performing wear part maintenance and repairs. The Duroxite® portfolio now covers overlay plates with different hardfacing materials, overlay pipes, overlay pins, welding wire and electrodes.
 Lingyun Wei, Global Product Manager Duroxite®
Duroxite® 200 WIRE is mainly used for capping, routine maintenance or repair work. It can be welded on mild steel, Q&T steels, cast materials and stainless steel. Duroxite® 200 WIRE is easy to apply on site or in the workshop.
Lingyun Wei, product manager at SSAB
In addition to a wide thickness range, Docol hot rolled AHSS makes it possible to drastically increase the tensile strength in a component, while reducing the amount of material needed to produce it. This can result in a significant reduction in weight, while achieving the same performance and a lower cost, thanks to less material needed overall
Daniel Sund, Product Manager Hot Rolled Products, SSAB
“We have seen that these steels have excellent fatigue properties which ensure durability and a long life time”
Daniel Sund
Customers choosing My Inner Strenx members as their suppliers will get advanced products with materials, processing techniques and performance optimized to their needs.
Hans Konradsson, Brand Manager Strenx
We compared Toolox 44 with conventional tool steel alloyed with chromium, molybdenum and vanadium. Toolox produced better results on all points
Mayank Kumar
In truth tool vibration is one of the main limiting factors behind increased productivity. The build and stability of today’s machines allow for significantly higher rates. Compared with tools made of conventional materials it’s possible to increase the removal rate significantly by changing to Toolox 44.
Dr. Lorenzo Daghini