SSC’s first SubOrbital Express rocket mission a success

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Next flight opportunity now open

MASER 14 Launch - Credit: Dorian Hargarten, DLR

The first launch within SSC’s new rocket flight ticket services, SubOrbital Express, M14 (MASER 14) successfully took place on Monday 24 June from Esrange Space Center in northern Sweden.

The payload, consisting of four microgravity experiments from three different customers, reached an apogee of 245 km and spent at least 6 minutes in microgravity. It also carried small items related to science, charity and promotion. Find out more about the different experiments at

The next flight opportunity is scheduled for November 2020 from Esrange Space Center.

SubOrbital Express is a share-ride flight service open for everyone, regardless mission objective. May it be a microgravity experiment, a system that needs to be validated through a drop or re-entry test, atmospheric research experiment, a plasma physics experiment or simply promotional items. The flight service is provided jointly by SSC and DLR MORABA.

Read more about our Flight Ticket Service at .

Notifications of interest or requests for more information can be sent to .

Point of contact: Gunnar Florin, Project Manager and Business Development Director SubOrbital Express, SSC,, tel: +46 (0)8 627 62 47, mobile: +46 (0)707 22 92 12

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