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    We are thrilled to cooperate with SSC on SpaceCloud to offer a complete end-to-end solution for customers globally. The cooperation bring onboard data processing and satellite communication to the next level and can release the cloud computing potential to space systems.
    CEO Fredrik Bruhn, Unibap
    The advantages of this initiative are clear: cloud solutions is a promising area of innovation that optimizes our services and allows for a better adaptation to our customer needs in space, on Earth or in combinations where space and ground infrastructure interact.
    Linda Lyckman, SVP Business and Technology Innovation, SSC
    SSC’s newest developments at the ISSF will further strengthen our capability to offer services which require high security and resiliency, as well as increase our adaptability to support new types of space services.
    Leif Österbo, Head of Satellite Management Services at SSC
    We look forward to establishing this first European test-range of its kind with great confidence. It will play an important role in Swedish and European space development
    Lennart Poromaa, site manager at Esrange
    Anna is ideally suited for this very important role as the head of the Swedish National Space Agency, not the least when the global space industry is undergoing such rapid change
    Stefan Gardefjord, CEO SSC
    Meeting the various needs of smallsat and CubeSat missions is an SSC corporate objective. This objective is being realized in two ways: the creation of a launch capability in northern Sweden and “SSC Infinity”, a new, low-cost ground operations service offering customers full flexibility for small satellites and constellations
    Natalie Bednar, SSC Director for US Commercial Market Business Development
    MAXUS is not only Europe’s largest sounding rocket; it is also a guided rocket. Providing launch services for MAXUS demonstrate that SSC has the competence and potential to further raise the level of our advanced space services through launches of small satellites from Esrange
    Lennart Poromaa, Site Manager at Esrange Space Center
    We at SSC are proud of our achievements and have exciting plans for the years to come. The ongoing modernization of Esrange will add new capabilities to strengthen its position as a leading Center of Excellence.
    Lennart Poromaa, site manager at Esrange
    Our Government is expanding the facility’s capacity to provide real-time information on Canada’s landmass and the world, and we are pleased to see the new antenna being installed by the Swedish Space Corporation.
    the Honourable Greg Rickford, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources
    The project has been run like we are one team from the beginning...
    Álvaro Ortiz Serrano, Head of Ground Segment & Operations Division at Elecnor Deimos Satellite Systems
    By incorporating SSC´s Airborne Systems we can operate with a new market segment, coast guard and maritime surveillance, which is an excellent complement to the existing business within defense, civil security and telecommunication. Ocean monitoring system used for search and rescue, detection of oil spills and sea traffic control monitoring, are of growing importance in view of the increasing maritime traffic and increased environmental awareness.
    Mikael Tjernlund, CEO of Sjöland & Thyselius
    For us at SSC we are delighted that a long standing successful business will have an owner that in its overall offering work with the kind of technical solutions Airborne Systems supply. Airborne Systems will be integrated in an environment with strong expertise in systems integration and this is the right time for this change of owner given that SSC is increasingly focusing its investments on advanced space services.
    SSC's CEO Stefan Gardefjord
    The Inuvik Satellite Station is an extremely important element of our global ground network services portfolio, and our full ownership of this asset will allow SSC to better serve existing and new clients in Canada and around the world.”
    Leif Österbo, President of SSC's Satellite Management Services Division
    With Håkan Syrén’s and John Stuart's entry on the board, SSC gets the best skills both in terms of management of strategic security issues as the ability to assess and interpret developments in the international market for advanced space services. John Stuart is also the first foreign national who has been elected to the board which marks the company's increasingly global business.
    Hans Karlander, chairman SSC board of directors
    -I welcome Stefan Gustafsson as a member of the SSC executive committee. Strategic security issues are increasingly important for SSC's customers. Our operations comprise deliveries of advanced space services to civil customers as well as customers within the defense sector all over the world. With Stefan Gustafsson in the company I am convinced that we are well equipped to manage the strategic security issues and to meet our customers’ demands.
    Stefan Gardefjord, CEO SSC
    - SSC is both a performer of Swedish space policy and has through acquisitions had an opportunity to develop services that are attractive on the international market.
    Stefan Gardefjord, CEO SSC
    “This initial HPGP system will serve to qualify the system design for subsequent Skybox satellites,” said Mathias Persson, President of ECAPS. “We are proud to partner with Skybox and look forward to supplying them with both this initial system, as well as propulsion systems for their future constellation of satellites.”
    Mathias Persson, President ECAPS
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