Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 4

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Starbreeze Studios and OVERKILL presents the latest DLC from Jiu Feng, delivering new weapons and customization options.

The Jiu Feng Smuggler pack 4 includes these 3 new weapons.

  • The Gecko M2 Pistol
  • The Wasp-DS SMG
  • The Argos III Shotgun
  • Exclusive Weapon Set for Shotgun and SMG

Each new weapon comes with 3 custom mods in addition to the Shotgun and SMG having 1 Exclusive set each offering another layer of customization for the players.

In addition to the new weapons and exclusive sets, the pack contains 9 new weapon modifications and 4 new weapon colors.

The Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 4 is available on Steam for $3.99 and is scheduled for release on February 16th, 2022.

Exclusive sets

Exclusive Weapon sets are a way to add something extra to our weapons while letting our weapon artists flex their skills. The Exclusive sets allow you to get a custom look and mod-setup for specific weapons, things such as built in laser sights, custom rails, fancy new display panels and more. With just a single click, you can have a badass alternate form of the weapons you already love, fully modded and ready for action.

Free Update

Outside of the paid content, we’re also introducing 2 free mods available for everybody: Zenitco 4-p - Compact Russian laser sight & Zenitco dtk putnik - Unique compact suppressor. For the whole update there will be 11 different mods - paid and free.

During the 10 year anniversary event of PAYDAY we held a suit design contest. Despite promising one winner we liked the entries so much that we instead chose 3 winning outfits. These outfits are released alongside the Jiu Feng Smuggler pack 4, free for all PAYDAY 2 players.

Check out the website for more information.

Also, you’re very welcome to join the PAYDAY community on Steam (incidentally, the biggest Steam community of any game) and the official PAYDAY 2 server on Discord!


About PAYDAY 2

PAYDAY 2 is an action-packed, four-player co-op shooter that lets gamers don the masks of the original Payday Gang - Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains - as they embark on an epic crime spree across the USA.


With more than 7 million community members on the main PC digital distribution platform Steam, PAYDAY 2 has had more than 200 paid and free updates since its release in 2013. First launched in 2011, PAYDAY is a cooperative first-person shooter computer and video game franchise with more than 18 million units sold on PC, SteamOS, PlayStation™ 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation™ 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo™ Switch systems. PAYDAY 2 in VR is also available for existing owners of PAYDAY 2 on Steam for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift headsets.

You can download the latest press assets for the PAYDAY 2: City of Gold campaign here: https://sbz.link/presskit

For more information, please contact:

Staffan Nyström, VP of Publishing, Starbreeze AB. Tel: +46(0)8-209 208, email: press@starbreeze.com

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Starbreeze is an independent developer and creator of PC and console targeting the global market, with studios in Stockholm, Barcelona and Paris. Housing the smash hit IP PAYDAY, Starbreeze develops games based on proprietary and third-party rights, both in-house and in partnership with external game developers. Starbreeze shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under the tickers STAR A and STAR B with the ISIN-codes SE0007158928 (A share) and SE0005992831 (B share). For more information, please visit starbreeze.com