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  • Quotes

    “With the launch less than a month out, these awards are a huge milestone for us at Starbreeze. We’ve been working hard on making PAYDAY 3 the best sequel possible and receiving awards as both ‘Best PC Game’ and ‘Most Entertaining Game’ is a testament to what our team and our partner Deep Silver have accomplished together. We can’t wait for the world to get to play it. The 21st of September could not come soon enough!”
    Almir Listo, Global Brand Director, Starbreeze Entertainment
    “PAYDAY 3 is truly a passion project so getting these awards feels tremendous. I want to thank our fantastic team for making this game come to life, and our dedicated community for keeping the PAYDAY-spirit alive and allowing us to continue to do what we love. We cannot wait to see you in New York on September 21st!”
    Andreas Häll-Penninger, Lead Producer PAYDAY 3
    The number of monthly active users (MAU) peaked at 804,029 during the quarter, an increase of 35% on the second quarter of 2020. The number of daily active users (DAU) also increased, by 16%. This points to a growing commitment in our community and the creative work by our development organization in their efforts to continuously delivering high-quality experiences. 
    Tobias Sjögren, CEO
    t’s an exciting time for all of us at Starbreeze, during the last month we’ve changed the trajectory for the company by securing deals around the PAYDAY IP. We look forward to working with PopReach to ensure that PAYDAY Crime War brings the same action-packed gameplay our players and community already know and love to mobile devices. PopReach has a proven track record and has successfully developed and launched free-to-play mobile titles based on well-known IP:s, and our collaboration will be an important component of our strategy to further expand the PAYDAY franchise.
    Tobias Sjögren, CEO
    I look forward to continuing to work with all the fantastic talents at the company while developing and running the day to day business. Starbreeze is in a very exciting position, PAYDAY 2 is developing well and with a co-publishing deal for PAYDAY 3 in place we further consolidate our strong position in first-person shooter co-op games.
    Tobias Sjögren, CEO of Starbreeze
    We are excited to announce this exclusive long-term PAYDAY 3 co-publishing deal with Koch Media who shares our passion for the PAYDAY franchise and the “Games as a service” model. In addition to securing the continued development, this deal secures global publishing of PAYDAY 3 as well as the marketing efforts through the entire game life cycle. We now have a strong foundation for a successful launch of PAYDAY 3.
    Tobias Sjögren, Acting CEO of Starbreeze
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