Stena Line keep vital supply lines open between Denmark and Sweden

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From November 9th, the Danish authorities will introduce restrictions in the Northern part of Jutland to reduce the spreading and development of COVID-19 virus. Stena Line has therefore decided to temporarily stop the passenger operation between Frederikshavn in Denmark and Gothenburg in Sweden between November 9th and December 3rd. The freight operation on the route will continue to keep the vital supply lines open between Denmark and Sweden.

When the Danish authorities' restrictions in the Northern part of Jutland come into force on November 9th, Stena Line has decided to temporarily stop passenger operation on the route between Frederikshavn in the Northern part of Denmark and Gothenburg in West Sweden to limit the spread of the virus. Freight operation continues in order to keep the vital supply lines open between Denmark and Sweden. Freight drivers can continue to travel with freight onboard the ferries Stena Danica, Stena Jutlandica on approximately 50 departures per week between Frederikshavn and Gothenburg as well as on 22 weekly departures between Halmstad in West Sweden and Grenaa in the eastern part of Jutland in Denmark. 

Passengers are during this period referred to the route between Halmstad and Grenaa, which are not affected by the new restrictions and will continue to operate with both passengers and freight.

”We take the situation very seriously. We follow the Danish authorities' recommendations and have chosen to temporarily stop the passenger traffic between Frederikshavn and Gothenburg. Freight operations will continue on the route, just as the route between Grenaa and Halmstad will continue to be in operation with both passengers and freight. We continue to sail to keep the vital supply lines open between our countries,” says Elisabeth Lönne, Trade Director Business Region Denmark at Stena Line.

Safety on board Stena Line's ferries
Stena Line already follows the authorities' restrictions on the use of face masks in terminals, ports and on board the ferries to and from Denmark. In addition, the company has introduced a number of safety measures to ensure a safe and secure journey onboard the ferries. The safety measures include social distance, air circulation with fresh sea air, frequent cleaning as well as new fog machines used to disinfect common areas and cabins on the ferries.

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