Stena Line’s Methanol project awarded twice in one week

Last week Stena Line received two additional awards for converting Stena Germanica in to the world´s first methanol powered passenger ferry. One is the Shippax “Eco-Award”, announced at the yearly Ferry Shipping Conference and the second is the “Ship of the Year Award” at the European Marine Engineering Conference and Awards.

In March 2015 Stena Line made history when introducing Stena Germanica, which operates the route from Gothenburg to Kiel, as the world´s first Methanol powered passenger ferry.

“We are naturally very delighted to receive these two awards. Sustainability is a strategically important area for Stena Line and this is an important project, not only for us as a company but for the entire industry, as we need more long-term sustainable fuel alternatives in order to remain competitive. It is important for us to also thank our partners Wärtsilä, Methanex, Lloyds Register, the Port of Gothenburg, the Port of Kiel and EU for their contributions to the project,” says Niclas Mårtensson, Deputy CEO Stena Line.

Since March 2015 the Methanol project has been running as a pilot project where operation on Methanol has been developed and evaluated continuously. The results so far look promising. So far two engines have been fully converted and remaining two are due in the coming months.

Methanol has a substantially greener environmental profile than conventional marine fuels, when used in operation emissions of SOx and PM is reduced with about 90% and NOx with around 60%.

The Shippax “Eco-Award” was received during a ceremony on the Ferry Shipping Conference, April 13 to 15, by Niclas Mårtensson. The motivation from the jury was:

“Stena Germanica has been given an Eco-Award for the innovative use of Methanol as alternative fuel.”

The Ship of the Year Award was received during the European Marine Engineering Conference and Awards in Amsterdam, April 13 to 14,by Per Stefenson, Stena’s Project Manager for the Methanol project. The motivation from the jury was:

“Stena Line receives the award for Stena Germanica’s methanol-fuelling retrofit. The objective of Stena’s methanol pilot project was to develop a pragmatic, cost effective and green fuel option.”

Stena Line has previously been awarded for the Methanol project at four different occasions.

  • Swedish Maritime Day “Innovation Award  2015”
  • Green Ship Technology:  “GST Ship-owner of the year”
  • The Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises “2015 Pegasus award”
  • 2015 Global Business Excellence Awards UK "Outstanding Green Initiative Award"

For more information, contact Jesper Waltersson, Press & Media Relations Manager, Stena Line, tel. +46 (0) 704 85 85 32 or

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