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    “The Galicia is special because she is the first in the E-Flexer series to be delivered to an external customer. The design has been adapted to Brittany Ferries' special requirements and the yard has been able to deliver according to schedule despite the ongoing pandemic, which we are very happy about.”
    Per Westling, CEO Stena RoRo
    "This is a significant milestone in our fleet renewal planning and we are delighted that we will shortly be welcoming Galicia to the Brittany Ferries family. The E-flexer class of ships are well suited to our long-haul routes. I am convinced that passengers will be as thrilled to travel on them as we are to take delivery of Galicia today.”
    Christophe Mathieu, CEO Brittany Ferries
    The conversion has gone extremely fast and we're very happy with the results. The Mediterranean is a familiar market for us, but in this case we have a new customer, which makes it especially nice. This type of assignment – taking a customer’s wishes and realizing them with rapid execution – is what we’re best at.”
    Niklas Andersson, general manager for Operations at Stena RoRo.
    “The process has moved extremely fast and collaboration with affected suppliers has gone smoothly. Despite major difficulties related to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, with shipyard workers and subcontractors, among others, forced to quarantine, we have managed to keep the timetable.”
    Stena RoRo’s site manager Claes Tisell at the shipyard in Greece.
    This is a known and appreciated concept in the Mediterranean and not least in Pireaus, which entails extensive freedom in planning and execution,
    Stena RoRo’s site manager Claes Tisell at the shipyard in Greece.
    The Côte d'Opale is a good example of these vessels' high degree of flexibility. We focus on adapting the design to our customers' specific wishes. In addition to far-reaching regrding the environmental aspects and technology, flexibility is one of the departure points for the E-Flexer RoPax class
    Per Westling, CEO for Stena RoRo.
    At a shipyard in China, we're currently building the world's largest civilian hospital ship, the Global Mercy, on behalf of the international charity Mercy Ships. Our project manager for the Global Mercy is back in Sweden and will lead any possible conversion of the Stena Saga.
    Per Westling, CEO for Stena RoRo.
    To meet the requirements for medical care, we need, among other things, to rebuild the ventilation system, install alarms and communications systems, and also change the interior furnishings. In addition, patients and crew must be able to be kept apart. We can do what needs to be done in two to three weeks.
    Rikard Olsson, Stena Roro project manager who has substantial experience from the design and construction of hospital ships.
    The idea is to provide care for corona patients who need hospital care but not intensive care. There may also be a need for beds for patients who have left intensive care but still require medical care awhile longer. Probably it's mainly a matter of being able to relieve the load on conventional hospitals.
    Per Westling, CEO for Stena Roro.
    We are very pleased to have placed another order with the AVIC shipyard, with which we have had a very positive cooperation over the last three years. The shipyard has been able to meet our demands for flexibility and thereby enabled us to serve our customers with tailormade products. The newly signed third charter contract with Brittany Ferries is a further proof of this
    Per Westling, CEO Stena RoRo
    This is a typical Stena RoRo project. Through adaptation and flexibility, we design and rebuild vessels to meet our customers’ specific requirements. It’s what we call Stenability
    Mikael Abrahamsson, Conversion and Project Manager for Stena RoRo
    On the European market, demand is greater than availability for this type of vessel, which is why we have turned to the Asian market, primarily Japan
    Per Westling, CEO Stena RoRo
    We are very happy with the great collaboration with AVIC Shipyard, which includes both development and production of the E-Flexer series. From a customer standpoint we have exacting requirements on adaptation and flexibility, which the shipyard has successfully provided, and done so largely with good levels of quality.
    Per Westling, CEO of Stena RoRo
    These ships have been designed to satisfy our customers’ demanding standards with respect to both operational efficiency and the environment. The Stena E-Flexer class is designed to offer the highest possible flexibility as regards future fuels and Brittany Ferries has chosen LNG operation for this ship
    Per Westling, MD, Stena RoRo AB
    The design of the ship will be worked out in close cooperation with DFDS. This deal is a good example of how we work being the largest and most well-known tonnage provider in the RoPax segment
    Per Westling, MD of Stena RoRo
    These ships have been designed not only to the highest standards of technical and environmental performance but also with a high degree of flexibility, thus ensuring that the design can be modified in order to fulfill our clients specific needs. As a tonnage provider we are very pleased and proud to be trusted by DFDS to develop this vessel for their very intensive English Channel service
    Per Westling, MD of Stena RoRo.
    In addition to this order, we also recently concluded a similar deal with the French ferry operator Brittany Ferries. The other three vessels will be operated by Stena Line on the Irish Sea
    Per Westling, MD of Stena RoRo.
    These ships will be the most fuel efficient ships ever built of their type and we have spent the last 24 months developing this next generation of future proof and cost-effective RoPax ships
    Per Westling, CEO Stena RoRo
    Due to their state-of-the-art design and built-in flexibility, this class of vessels will be attractive to many operators around the world in addition to the in-house Stena Line operations
    Per Westling, CEO Stena RoRo
    We are very satisfied with the agreement, which we believe is clearly in tune with the times in relation to the market situation. We note that growth in our niche is good and we are optimistic about the future
    Per Westling, CEO, Stena RoRo
    The contract negotiations have been very much facilitated by using the recently launched standard contract and consequently saved us a lot of time
    Dan Mikkola, MD Godby Shipping
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