"It is just the beginning for the Bytemine token and what it represents, but the enthusiasm and interest we've seen from the potential exchanges we're talking with is very exciting and only strengthens our belief in the bright future of the Bytemine token and eco system we are building."
Anthony Norman, CEO of Stockholm IT Ventures AB
A big shout out to Trig for facilitating the process and ensuring that we can dedicate our time solely to SMITE, allowing us to become better than ever before. There is no doubt in my mind that we will claim the spot as the best team in the world in season 2. And for all fans reading this, thank you for supporting us and keep on following our journey with our new team sponsor
Simon Hagert
Trig is pleased to announce that we have recruited one of the best teams in the world managed by Simon
Phillip Cook, CEO Trig Social Media AB (publ)
It's going to be a lot of fun to be a part of this journey. I think that Trig’s efforts can benefit the eSports scene in many ways and I look forward to follow the development.
Madeleine Leander
We are very delighted to have our company listed on the General Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. For a young company with an innovative and globally disruptive business model it is – besides the expansion of the operational business - important to build up a stock market presence in order to increase the possibilities for further growth. At this point in time, we really want to convince the market with our corporate strategy. We feel very comfortable with the Listing in Frankfurt, which was our aim as a part of our plan to be a global player in the social media space
Anthony Norman (Managing Director)
The approval of our listing prospectus is a significant step in the evolution of Trig. I want to thank our team for their hard work during this process and the patience of everyone involved. We're now looking forward to focusing even harder on the operations and the continued growth of
Anthony Norman (CEO)
“ It is great to have both the beautiful Paloma Lopéz and her husband, the talented football player, Borja Fernandez onboard as Trig Money Ambassadors. We look forward to working with Paloma Lopéz and welcome her onboard as Ambassador.
Phillip Cook, Trig Social Media AB (Publ).
We look forward to working with Borja Fernandez and welcome him onboard as a Trig Money Ambassador. Borja’s signing for the Indian Super League team is also positive for us as it enables us to enhance our association with that region, and extend the brand Trig Money to the Indian subcontinent, explains Phillip Cook, Trig Social Media AB (Publ).
Phillip Cook, Trig Social Media AB (Publ).
Congratulation Veronica and Kristina for winning Nynäshamn Offshore Power boat race! As sponsors we are overwhelmed and proud. Well done!
Phillip Cook, Trig Social Media AB (Publ)
“Our commitment to our Trig users is to engage them in all aspects of their life. To enhance the association with users and our brand, Trig has commenced exciting sponsorship deals within sports and entertainment, that hopefully will be of interest to our users. Sponsring this race is just a start of an exciting collaboration with Xlander Racing and their team.”, says Phillip Cook, Trig Social Media AB (Publ).
Phillip Cook, Trig Social Media AB (Publ).
-“Trig’s, (Trig Social Media AB), innovative social media engagement products and in particular their primary revenue generating product: Trig Money, brings to a developing global company a significant point of difference to the competitors in this field. We believe that Trig will be a multibillion euro valued company, if not, a tens of billions euro valued company. We are excited to work with the Trig team”, comments Mr Alvaro de Mendoza, Founder The Virality Agency.
Mr Alvaro de Mendoza, Founder The Virality Agency.