STOREBRAND ASA: Solvency and accounting effects 4Q 2015

Storebrand has implemented several measures in 4Q 2015 as part of its long-term adaptation to Solvency II. Overall, it is expected that these measures are strengthening the Solvency II margin by approximately 15 percentage points in the quarter. It is expected that the measures, in combination with other material special items, overall will have a neutral effect on profit after tax for the Storebrand Group in 4Q.

Solvency II position strengthened by implemented measures

Risk reduction, enhanced risk management, and model changes improve solvency. Modeling of the tax dampening effect of losses carried forward on the Group's capital requirement contributes significantly to strengthening solvency. The estimated Solvency II margin as of year-end 2015 is about 160 percent with transition rules and about 120 percent without transition rules.

Storebrand completes direct result contribution for longevity reserve strengthening

In 3Q 2015, Storebrand's estimated remaining direct result contribution for longevity reserve strengthening was NOK 1.4bn for the period 4Q 2015-2020. Storebrand has decided to charge the entire remaining contribution to the 4Q 2015 result. This represents a NOK 1.2bn deviation for the quarter compared with earlier estimates. The accelerated reserve strengthening is merely an accrual effect, and does not represent a change in the estimated total direct result contribution. During 2015, 776 NOK million has been used from the Risk Equalization Fund to strengthen reserves. Increased estimate certainty implies that Storebrand considers its direct result contribution for longevity reserve strengthening to be completed.

Valuation of insurance liabilities adapted to Solvency II
In 4Q 2015, Storebrand has decided to change the interest rate curve used for discounting of liabilities in its Swedish subsidiary SPP to one similar to the interest rate curve used in the pan-European Solvency II regulation. The expected negative accounting effect of the changed interest rate curve, combined with other assumption changes, is approximately NOK 300m. The change better adapts risk management to the Solvency II regulation, and will strengthen the company's Solvency II position. It is expected that indexation fees will not be recognized in the coming years as a result of the changed interest rate curve.

Restructuring costs for staff reductions

The 4Q 2015 result is charged with restructuring costs of NOK 100m caused by previously announced staff reductions in Norway and Sweden.

Weak disability results in Insurance

Weak disability results will have a negative effect on earnings of about NOK 100m due to reserve strengthening.

Tax realization of Storebrand Eiendom Holding AS

Storebrand has reduced its real estate exposure in client portfolios in recent years. To streamline operations and improve risk management on the remaining property exposure, Storebrand Eiendom Holding AS has been dissolved. The taxable loss from the dissolution of the company causes, in isolation, a tax income of NOK 1.7bn for Storebrand Livsforsikring AS in 4Q 2015.

Please see the attached table for details on the accounting effects. Storebrand will provide further comments on the presentation of 4Q 2015 results on 17 February 2016.

Lysaker 28. January 2016


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