Swedbank’s Green Bond Impact Report for 2020

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Swedbank’s Green Asset Register increased by SEK 4 386 million in 2020, and now contains assets worth more than SEK 18 billion. During the year three new assets classes were added to the register, namely Sustainable management of living natural resources, Pollution Prevention and control, and Clean transportation. Furthermore, the register now also includes assets in our Baltic home markets. Combined it is estimated that all assets contributed to more than 580 thousand tonnes of avoided CO2e emissions. This is mainly the result of energy savings from green and energy-efficient buildings, and the production of renewable energy from wind and solar.

Swedbank targets and supports financing in sectors that are adapting to a more sustainable society. Green bond issuances enable Swedbank to meet our customers’ growing demand and need for green loans. Promoting investments in green projects is crucial for the environment, society and long-term value creation.

The assets included in the Green Asset Register are estimated to generate 589 547 tonnes of avoided CO2e emissions, amounting to 32 tonnes per SEK 1m invested. Proceeds from green bond issuances were used to finance and re-finance green buildings, solar and wind energy, clean public transport, sustainable forestry and waste management: all of which contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Agenda 2030.

Swedbank’s vision is a financially sound and sustainable society where Swedbank empowers the many people and businesses to create a better future. Together with our customers in all our home markets we can drive change, enable people and businesses to make sustainable choices and have an impact on our societies.

The Green Bond Impact Report describes the environmental impact of invested eligible green assets on a portfolio level. The reported distribution and impact are based on the status of the Green Asset Register as of December 31, 2020.

Swedbank currently has SEK 7bn of green bonds outstanding, compared to the Green Asset Register worth SEK 18bn. Looking ahead, Swedbank is committed to remain an active issuer in the sustainability bond market.

Swedbank’s Green Bond Impact Report 2020 is available on: www.swedbank.com/investor-relations/debt-investors/green-bonds.


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